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Chinese Legends and Stories

From Pangu Makes the World to Nuwa (Goddess of Sky-patching) Creates the Human Being, from the Legend of the White Snake to the Romance of the Butterflies, from Tears That Crumbled the Great Wall to The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver...Absolutely, these old oriental myths, legends, folk tales and romantic stories will fascinate you since they have been going round in China for centuries. In this page you will learn about many Chinese facts about the nonmaterial cultural legacies.
The Queer Cricket[NEW]
Immortal Showing the Way
The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver
The Scholar and the Headless Ghost
The Magistrate and the Local Deity
The Lady of the White Stream
Lady White
Married to a Ghost
The Lady Wineseller
The Serpent Sacrifice
The Tiantai Mountain
The powder Girl
Liu Ling the Drunkard
The Jade Maiden
The Sword Maker
The Princess of Wu
Love Birds
Iron Mortar
Chen Yuan Fang
Food Handed Out in Contempt
Zengzi Slaughters a Pig
The Imperial Concubine of Han
The Jade Maiden
Could there be a Snake that Bite in the Twelfth Lunar Month
Story of the Sacred Elephant
An Arrow that Pierced through Three Hills
Reed-flute Fairy Old Man
Legend of Liusanjie
Tears That Crumbled the Great Wall

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