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The Lady White

The Lady WhiteIn a Tomb-sweeping Day, The flowers were blooming, willow trees turned green. Many people were enjoying their walk along the West Lake. Suddenly, two alluring women rose from the lake. One named Bai Suzheng, the other named Xiao Qing they changed from a white snake and a green snake respectively and both aged over a thousand years old. They were good snakes and never harm people though they possessed supernatural feat. Having envy people's life they changed into people and came to the human world.

A sudden heavy rain came at that time it sent everyone scurrying for shelter. When Bai Suzheng and Xiao Qing found their way, a young man holding up an umbrella protected them from the rain. The young man looked very handsome and gentle he was a local young scholar. Both Bai Suzheng and the young man flushed crimson with embarrassment when their eyes met together. They began to fall in love at that time. Seeing this, the clever Xiaoqing asked: "Thank you for your umbrella Sir, Could you tell us your name?"The young man replied: "My name is Xuxian and I live in nearby the Broken Bridge." Then Bai Suzheng and Xiaoqin introduced themselves to the young man.

From that day, the three people often met together, Bai Suzheng and Xuxian were getting along better and better, they soon became husband and wife and set up business for running a drug store. The white snake was full of sympathy. The poor people were cost-free when they were cured of a disease in the drug store, therefore, their business get brisk day by day. And more and more patients went to see the white snake. Since she had a kind heart and often dressed in white the snake was called Lady White.

The Lady WhiteBut, the happy life and the brisk business of Xuxian and the Lady White excited a Buddhist monk, Fahai to jealousy. The monk lived in the Jinshan Temple. The worshippers who came to visit his temple had become fewer and fewer since the Lady White opened her drug store and free cured the poor people. He felt unhappy and considered the Lady White was undercutting him. So one day he came to see the drug store and the Lady White.

When the monk reached the drug store he saw the Lady White was busy giving medical treatment to the patients, he was very angry but he known that the Lady White was a white snake not a people because he had theurgy. This bad monk decided to part the husband and the wife so he worked out a stratagem to catch Xuxian.

Another day he tricked Xuxian to his temple and said: "Your wife is a snake monster, you had better part company with her, otherwise you will be eaten by her!"

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