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Tears That Crumbled the Great Wall

Once upon a time, the Qinshi Emperor called on thousands upon thousands of workforces for the building of Great Wall. Lots of workers were tired out and starve out to death. The soldiers were sent to seize the young female by force all around the country.

Tears That Crumbled the Great WallMr.Fan, a young bookish man, was escaping from the soldiers' pursuit all here and there. Someday, he was forced to run into a strange garden and hide himself out under grapevines. Then a pretty girl, called Mengjiang, came into the garden to do some her housework. Mr. Fan was suddenly discovered and gave her a startle. He begged her for help when Mengjiang was about to shout out. Mr. Fan told her the reason why he fleeing from a calamity. Mengjiang took him in for a pity. Before long, Mengjiang fall in love with Mr. Fan because he was handsome and intellectual. They got married with a permission of Menjiang's parents.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fan was found and seized away by the soldiers three days after their beaming wedding. Mengjiang lady could not help but full of grief and indignation since then. She was missing her husband so much all day and night. She had heard anything from Mr. Fan for some days. She decided to seek his husband even if she was not known where her husband was toiling. She set off with a little luggage.

The Story of Mengjiangnu has been much told for several centuries in China.On her long way to her husband's working site, she went through dangers, hardships of her life. She made her tough journey on foot and had never cried into tears for her bitter experience, which is powered by her deep love for her husband. At last, she arrived at the foot of the Great Wall. A lot of work sites were set along the newly-built Great Wall. She looked for her husband from site to site. There was no result. She had to ask other workers for help. Eventually, she got to the site where her husband ever worked. The workers told her that Mr. Fan was dead and buried under the walls. Heard sad news of the death of her beloved, she burst into cry her eyes out two nights and a day. Dramatically a section of newly-built Great Wall collapsed and her husband's corpse came out. It is said that the God was touched by her cry and let the Walls fell down.

Tears That Crumbled the Great WallMengjiang's tears and the collapse of the walls drew the attention of Qinshi Emperor. The Emperor was attracted by Mengjiang's beauty when came to see what happened. He wanted her to be his imperial concubine. Hiding an anger and enmity in her heart, she pretended to promise the Emperor and required him to hold a red-carpet funeral for her husband. He promised that everything would be completed on Mengjiang's request. Lastly, Mengjiang lady committed a suicide by jumping into a sea when her husband's funeral was finished. That was a silent way to say her outcry against the Emperor.

Mengjiang miserable love story moved many people. Later a little commemorative house, called Ancestral Vestal Temple, was built near the site (where is called Shanhai Pass now). In thousands of years, the people always mourn for Mengjiang lady for a while when they is passing by the house.

Lady Mengjiang's Temple (or Zhengnu Temple) is located east of Shanghaiguan Pass (6km).

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