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Food Handed out in Contempt

Food Handed Out in ContemptOnce, State Qi met with a serious starvation. A rich man named Qian Ao prepared some food and soup for the famine victims by the roadside, waiting them to come and eat. Then a very hungry man passed by, lagging behind, wearing his shoes, staggering along with his sleeves and covering his face. Seeing that, Qian Ao shouted out to him, "Come on! You, get something to eat." Food in his left hand and soup in his right hand. The man who was hungry so much stared at Qian Ao and said, "I would rather die than accept the way people shouted out to me to eat." Qian Ao said sorry to him, but still refused to eat anything. And a few days later, he died of hunger. Note: State Qi was a principality of the Zhou Dynasty (1066 - 256B.C.) in ancient China.

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