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Man Mo Temple

One of the oldest and most famous and beautiful temples in Hong Kong is Man Mo Temple. It is located at the intersection of Hollywood Road and Ladder Street. The temple is devoted towards two deities - Man the god of literature and Mo the god of war.

History of the Temple
The Man Mo Temple Hong Kong was built in early 19th century, at the beginning of the British colonial rule in Hong Kong Island. Although it has been remodeled several times, the temple still maintains its original appearance. The copper bell set in the temple made during the reign of Daoguang of Qing Dynasty, is the great proof that it has long and fascinating history.

The Gods in the Temple
Two deities are worshiped side by side in the Man Mo Temple shrine. They are Wenchang and Guan Yu. The statue of Man Wenchang is dressed in green while Guanyu in red. Wenchang, with a brush in his band, takes charge of literature, especially during the imperial examinations, which determined a mans' official rank in feudal times. Guan Yu, holding a sword in his hand, is the god of war. There are other Chinese gods worshipped in the temple. It is a temple combined Taoism and Buddhism

Inside the temple are delicate wooden bases used for transporting deities during parades and festivals and incense burners made of copper and other metals. Huge tower-shaped incense coils are always hanging from the ceiling of the hall and over the courtyard. And the smoke of the burning incense, together with the sunbeams, adds an element of mystery to the temple and indicates happiness, health and fortune.

The temple is very popular on some important occasion like spring festival. Parents take the children to the temple to pray for good grades in kinds of examinations. Businessmen always denote and pray for a good fortune.

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