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Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple Hong Kong is located at Lion Rock in the north part of Kowloon Peninsula.  Known for its fortune-tellers, Wong Tai Sin Temple receives many local and overseas visitors every year. It is set in a tranquil setting remote from the nearby skyscrapers and the bustle street. Apart from being important religious place, it is also a scenic attraction full of traditional Chinese architectures.

History of Temple
Wong Tai Sin Temple is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin (his real name is Wong Chuping), a shepherd who began following Taoism at the age of 15. After 40 years, he reached enlightenment and became a deity at Heng Shan (Red Pine Hill). It is said that Wong Tai Sin rescues the dying, heals the wounded, and punishes all evil. Furthermore, he grants whatever is requested of him.

The temple is not a very old building, it was built in 1921. Liang Ren-an, a Taoist Priest brought sacred portrait of Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong to Hong Kong at that time. The influence of Wong Tai Sin became to spread in Hong Kong from that time.

On special occasions like Chinese Lunar New Year, 1st and 15th day of every lunar Month, the temple is flooded with prayers. They lay out the sacrifice like chicken or piglet then pray with burning incense for health and fortune. The fortune telling begins with the shaking of bamboo sticks. All the worship sticks are put in a bamboo cylinder; you pray then shake it until a bamboo sticks fall out. Pick the stick and exchange for a piece of paper. The fortune teller will explain the meaning and the future of wishes.

Wong Tai Sin TempleWong Tai Sin TempleWong Tai Sin Temple

The Temple Itself
If you have seen other Taoist temple in other place of China, you will find their similarities. They all boast large red pillars and magnificent gold roof. The roof always features with colorful decorations, vivid carvings and ornamental yellow latticework.

The memorial archways, Nine-Dragon Wall(similar the one in Beijing Summer Palace), Good Wish Garden, Three Saints Hall, the Bronze Pavilion (females excluded), the Archives Hall and many other buildings in the temple.

How to Get There: MTR Wong Tai Sin Station Exit B2 or B3.

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