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Victoria Harbor

Lying between the Kowloon Peninsula and the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong is the Victoria Harbor, the world's 3rd largest harbor and the 1st in China. With natural depth and sheltered area, Hong Kong got the fame of "Pearl of the Orient".

But also its deep, sheltered waters and strategic location on the South China Sea makes it a British colony as well as a trading center from 19th century to 1997. Throughout its history, the harbor has seen numerous reclamation projects undertaken on both shores, but still retains its founding role as a port for thousands of international vessels each year.

Scenery of the Victoria Harbor always acts as the icon of Hong Kong and many picturesque images are taken to present the bustling and prosperous Hong Kong. The harbor is always busy with ferries, a few barges, and even an occasional sampan or two.

Victoria HarborVictoria HarborVictoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is particularly situated in the position towards Hong Kong Island where the skyline of skyscrapers is superimposed over the ridges behind. It is world-famous for its stunning panoramic night view and skyline; People come from all over the world to see and admire it.

The best places to view the Harbour are at the Tower of Victoria Peak or piazza at the Culture Centre or the promenade of Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. Taking a cruise at night or daytime is also popular. The cruise around the Victoria Harbor provides unbeatable experience and scenery.

The fireworks show at every Chinese New Year or other big occasions makes the harbor brighter and more magnificent. Every evening at 8 o'clock, government introduces a show combined a symphony of lights, audio, lights and pyrotechnics. At this time, the crowds roaring with appreciation along the show taking on.

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