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Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake is also known as Kunming Lake, which is placed at the foot of the Western Mountain to the southwest of Kunming. It is the largest lake of Yunnan and the sixth largest freshwater lake in China. It enjoys the reputation of "Bright Pearl of the Plateau" in the country. Dianchi Lake is 294.5 square kilometers in surface area, 1,885 meters above the sea level and about 36.5 km in length from north to south, 12.8 km in width from east to west. Its mean water depth is about 4 meters. There are more than 20 rivers fed into the lake. Teeming with fish, the people who live in east side land still live for fishery. Traditional fishing boats still sail on the lake hooking and netting.

Embraced by the mountains, the Dianchi Lake's charming scenery is changeable in a day. Visit whenever you like, in the morning, afternoon or evening, different spectacular sights will appear on the lake. In the morning you can see the sunrise from the lake, in the afternoon you can see the sunset and rosy clouds, while in the evening you can enjoy the colorful night lights reflect on the lake.

Dianchi Lake Kunming, Yunnan Tours

Dianchi Lake Kunming, Yunnan ToursDianchi Lake Kunming, Yunnan Tours

Shore of Dianchi Lake is very rich in natural and human landscape, such as the Yunnan ethnic villages, Yunnan Ethnic Museum, Huating Temple, Daguanlou, Sanqing Temple, Panlong Temple (Curling Dragon Temple), Longmen (Dragon Gate), Zhenhe Park... are all around the lake. When you visit the lake, you can enjoy these famous attractions and vice versa.

Dianchi Lake is also the paradise of the sea birds. As winter gets near, thousands upon thousands of seagulls flock to the lake from afar to look for food. They skim the lake water, circle overhead or flutter down with wings on the lake. You may have never before gazed on such splendor! While boating on this plateau lake in a misty day, breathing the fresh air and viewing the flying birds just at your side would be a free moment, it resembles a dream!

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