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Xishan Forest Park

Xishan Forest Park, Kunming Yunnan ToursSituated in the Xishan Mountain west of Kunming City, Xishan Forest Park (also known as Western Mountain Park or Xishan Park) consists of many famous tourist sites such as Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqingge Pavilion and Longmen Grotto etc.

Huating Temple
Located at 2,050 meters above the sea level, built in 14th century, its scale and buildings look very magnificent and grand, it attracts many pilgrims every year and known for the Buddhist shrine in Kunming.
Xishan Forest Park, Kunming Yunnan ToursTaihua Temple
Built in the early 14th century, Taihua Temple covers an area of 3,562 square meters, featured the Beijing royal garden architecture and the Suzhou artificial garden architecture, it combines the different ethnic architectural style of Yunnan. The courtyards, turrets, pavilions, corridors, and pools in this temple are very different from those of the other temples in China. Wonderfully, if you get on its Guanghailou pavilion in the proper time, you can see the breathtaking sunrise or sunset from the Dianci Lake.
Sanqingge Pavilions
The architectural complex of Sanqingge Pavilions perches in the cliff of the Western Mountain main peak. There are totally eleven pavilions built along up the cliff. When you enjoy the precipitous peaks, tranquil lake, grotesque rocks, spring, colorful flowers, and the green pines, you will find that you are in the pavilions of the air. And you will be told some mystic legends about this site.
Xishan Forest Park, Kunming Yunnan ToursLongmen(Dragon Gate)
The whole stone carving project was built on the cliffy hill, including the rock road, rooms, caves, balustrades, caves, figures of Buddha. This amazing project has attracted many tourists since it was completed in the Qing dynasty (1616-1911AD). On every lunar March three, hundreds of Kunming residents climb up to the hill for celebrating their traditional distinguished gathering - Spring Outing, dancing and singing on the green Western Mountain. It is the essential part of the Xishan Forest Park and the optimum site to view the beautiful five-hundred-mile-wide Dianchi Lake.

Tips for visiting Xishan Mountain Park
   1. Four seasons are the best travel time to visit the Park.
   2. If you plan to make an overnight stay in the park, you can choose the Taihua Hotel or Taihua Vila Hotel. Eat in the hotels or in the Huating Temple.
   3. The park opens in 8:00 AM; closes in 19:00 PM.
   4. Every lunar March third is the busy and exciting time in the park, people dancing and singing here, everyone can join the activities

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