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Qumul(Kumul, Hami) is an oasis in Hami Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region ; it is also the name of a modern city and the surrounding district. It is well known in China as the home of the famously sweet Hami melons.

Geography and Climate
Like Turpan, Qumul is in a fault depression about 200 metres below sea level, and temperatures are extreme, from a high of 43°C in summer to a low of -32°C in winter.

China National Highway 312

"Camul" (Kumul) shown in the middle or Asia, halfway between "Samarchand" and "Cataio", on a 1570 map by Abraham Ortelius. The city is known in Uyghur as Qumul or Qomul (Yengi Yeziku: Kuumul, Kuomul). The name "Camul" appears on European maps already in the 16th century, and Matteo Ricci in his account of the Portuguese Jesuit Benedict Goës visit to the city in 1605 uses the same spelling as well.

One of the oldest attested Chinese names is Kunmo; in Han-dynasty documents it was referred to as Yiwu or Yiwulu, in the Tang dynasty as Yizhou; in the Yuan dynasty the Mongolian name for the place, Qamil, was transcribed into Chinese as Homili and from the Ming dynasty Qumul was known as Homi.

In 2002, Qumul had a population of about 519,700, 68.4% Han and 31.6% ethnic minorities, mostly Uyghurs, Kazakhs and Hui.

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