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Brother Higher Mathematics - The Most Talented Beggar in China?


When the Brother Sharp just finished his vagabond life and returned home, another tramp catches the eyes of  Chinese netizens. The guy was seen reading "Economic Mathematics" in a bookstore and doing some problem-solving questions in neat handwriting, hence named the Brother Higher Mathematics. With his industrious spirit, talented brain and dirty looks, he is now one of the most searched-for figures on the Internet in China.

"I met the guy when I chose some books in the bookstore," Sun, a student from Changchun Institute of Technology said, "He excels in solving the questions of function, calculus, matrix and series. I think even some college students may not tackle these questions."

Those who have met him said his name is Xuran Huang, aged around 30 years old and graduated from Jilin Teachers' Institute of Engineering & Technology, majored in electronic engineering. He once entered himself for an examination of the graduate school in Northeast Dianli University.

According to the Chinese media, the Brother Mathematics often roam along the Xikang Road and Guilin Road of Changchun City, Jilin province in China. He lives on  people's leavings or collecting waste paper and bottles. After he finds a little food to appease his hunger he will immediately immerse in the Tongren Bookstore. "He has studied in my bookstore for five months, I am deeply touched by this vagabond!" the boss, Mr. Liu said. 

Adoring netizens have gushed over his intelligence these days. Some say he is not only good at higher mathematics but also computer program. Some even compared him with Yanhui, a talented student of Confucius in the Spring and Autumn Period.

The rumours surrounding Brother Higher Mathematics true identity persist now. Some say he is a university graduate who could not find a job. Some say he is a madman from a hospital. Others have blogged about how they sought him out and tried to help him find work or to go back to his family.

By L. T.

Brother Mathematic has become another hottest homeless guy in China

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