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China Tourism Development and Future


In the morning of December 30th, China National Tourism Administration launched a meeting in Beijing to commemorate 30 years reform and opening-up of China tourism, a comprehensive review of 30 years reform and opening up of tourism and Chinese tourism development process.

30 years of Development and Achievements in Tourism

With the 30 years of reform and opening up, China's tourism industry is continuously increasing. Domestic tourism has become the mainstay of the Chinese tourism market, inbound and outbound tourism grow steadily from zero.

Detailed data show that China received 130 million overseas tourists traveling into China in 2007; overseas passengers stayed overnight reached 54 million people. The income of foreign exchange was 41.9 billion U.S. dollars. Domestic tourists reached 1.6 billion and there are 777.1 billion Yuan RMB earnings from the domestic tourism market. While the outbound travelers reached 40.95 million people. The total tourism revenues exceeded 10,000 Billion for the first time. Tourism industry offered more than 6000 million job opportunities, brought a total of more than 700 million people out of poverty. The travel agencies reached 19,700 and the star-rated hotels 13,000.

Compared with the year 1978, the immigration reception and overnight trips and foreign exchange income increased by 72, 70 and 159 times; star-rated hotels increased by 93 times; travel agencies in China increased by several hundred times. And 137 travel destinations abroad openned for Chinese citizens.

Chinese Tourism in The Future

With a serial events of a natural disasters and emergencies in China the year 2008, together with the worldwide financial crisis, the tourism industry is facing severe challenges. To overcome the financial crisis and natural disasters adverse to the tourism industry and to ensure the stable and rapid growth of China's tourism industry has become a top task.

(Issued on Dec. 31th, 2008, by China Fact Tours)

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