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Digital Great Wall Built in Beijing With A Hundred Million CNY


A large data base is organizd for Great Wall of China. Relevant literature, writing materials, pictures, marks of cultural relics and work of art are recorded by data base which will provide evidences for site protection, public use and academic research. This project was largely invested up to a hundred million CNY and was started from setting kilometer marks along Great Wall in Beijing.

Large scale of data base will be built. Since 80s last century, china has launched a wide range of investigations into all sections of Great Wall throughout the country. A lot of data, literatures, pictures and even videos are collected without the same stardard or levels. Thus no complete information can be offered to the public use and academia, which will be solved by data base project.

The data base is summation of Great Walls built during the Warring States, the Qing Dynasty, the Han Dynasty and all dynaties throughout China history. It will cover so much more than that the people normally know. It collects relevant literatures, technical materials, pressworks, newsreel, pictures, marks of cultural relics and works of art. For example, how long is exactly Great Wall? How about the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty through 11 cities and provinces. What is natural and cultural views Great Wall inclued? Moreover, it covers the lastest achivement of Great Wall academic research, accurate referrence location, weather condition, architectural techniques, building materials of all sections of Great Wall at different places.

This project of data base has thress working stages and takes 5 years to complete.

(Issuee on Mar. 30th, 2009, by China Fact Tours)

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