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The Largest Tomb of Han Dynasty Will be Open to The Public


"By the end of April, the first-stage renovation of the Shuwang Tomb will be completed and it will be open to the public on 1 May." An officer from Anhui Tourism Bureau said to the digger of China Fact Tours. " Though for centuries," He said,"The ghouls have unearthed the tomb many times." "Fortunately, we excavated many funeral objects including money, kettels, jars, franciums, swords, hook strokes, pearls, armours,  bone ornaments and a 8.2-meter-long coffin etc." 

According to the Chinese archeologists, the Shuwang Tomb is the largest earth pit tomb with wooden chambers of the Wester Han dynasty (207 B.C. - 25 A.D.).The tomb covers an area of 4,000 sq m, measures 38.3m in height and about 70 m in length. The layout of the tomb is squared. Its facade design is antique and elegant, looks like an upturned choanoid.

Shuwang Tomb is located in Feixi, a county in the central Anhui province (about 30 km from Heifei, the capital city of the province). The tomb belonged to the eldest son of Liubang's eldest brother.

Liubang: (256 B.C.- 195 B.C.), the founder of the Western Han dynasty.

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