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Tianzishan Mountain Nature Reserve

Tianzishan Mountain Nature Reserve

Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve (lit. Heaven’s Son Mount) covers an area of 93 sq km. the mountain named after Prince Xiangtian who led the minority people to fight against the court. Its highest peak, mount Kunlun, with an altitude of 1,262 m, one can have a panoramic view of Wulingyuan. Tianzi Mountain is characterized by its grandeur, uniqueness, wildness and elegance and enjoys the reputation of “being more beautiful than Huangshan”. On the mountain, waterfalls,sea of clouds, bridges, limestone caves, grotesque peaks and stone forests can be found everywhere. The mist, sunrays, moon-lit night and white snow form a delightful contrast with the peaks, full of magical colors.

Tianzi Mountain stands in the northwest of Wulingyuan Scenic Area and stands at a position of tripartite confrontation with Zhangjiajie National Park and Suoxi Valley. The mount is dotted with nearly 100 natural platforms for sightseeing, more than 2000 stone peaks and dozens of waterfalls and springs. In Tianzishan Mountain Nature Reserve, travelers can find an amazing variety of different kinds of featured attractions. Some of those are Yu Bi Feng (Imperial Brush Peak), Xi Hai (West Sea), Tian Zi Ge (Heaven’s Son Pavilion), Shen Tang Wan (Shentangwan Gulf), Helong Park, Immortals' Bridge, Warrior the Horse, and so on.

From the entrance of Wulingyuan Scenic Area, tourists can take regular buses to Tianzishan Mountain Nature Reserve, but they have to wait till the buses are fulled up. Cable car (single ticket: RMB 52; return ticket: 104) is also availbale in Tianzhi Mountain, tourists can ascend the mountian from its lower station at Zhaigongwan.

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