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Giant Cypress Forest

The Giant Cypress Forest is located in the southeast part of Bayi Town, Nyingchi County. It is a complete forest of the giant Yarlung Zangbo cypress, a special species peculiar to Tibet. Among the several-hundred  giant cypress trees, there is one known as the grandpa of all the trees in the forest, which is more than 2,500 years old, 50 meters high and 18 meters thick. According to the believers of the Bon religion, this tree is the life tree of GShen Rab Mi Bo, the funder of the Bon religion.
The Giant Cypress Forest has been a holyland of the local Tibetan for many centuries. Sutra streamers and Mani stone mounds put up by devout believers can be seen everywhere in the forest. These make it more mysterious and frequently visited by the tourists from all over the world.

The giant cypress trees in the forest have been studied these years for it has recorded a natural history of several thousand years. They are highly valuable in the studies of plants, climate, geographical and geological conditions, hydrology, air pollution and human activities. During the past few years, many scentists have flock here to conduct their scientific research.

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