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Badaling Great Wall

The Great Wall, Great Wall Beijing, Tours in ChinaThe Badaling Great Wall is situated in Yanqing County, 60 km northwest of Beijing, and stands at the strategic highest point from northwest to Beijing. It is the important pass for protecting Beijing City with the name of "the Key to the North Gate of Beijing." "To look down at Juyong Pass from the Badaling Great Wall is like to pour water from a higher place or watch down a dep well". The ancient people had the saying that "the strategic position of Juyong Pass does not lie in Guan city, but Badaling" which indicates its utmost strategic position.

The Badaling section was built in the 18th year (1505) of the Hongzhi reign of the Ming Dynasty. The top of Badaling provides a general view of the surroundings. Watchtowers and battlements are seen on the mountains south and north. The Great Wall threads its way through a jumble of mountains like a giant dragon. The wall here is tall and sturdy, at an average height of 7.8 meters, and stands on a base built of huge granite slabs, each weighing more than 500 kg. The top of the wall is wide enough for five horses or 10 men walking abreast. Crenellations are built atop the outer wall for observational purposes, and there are also embrasures to facilitate the shooting of arrows. Watchtowers and battlements are built at 500-meter intervals, where soldiers took up their lodgings, stored their weapons and keep guard.

The climate at Badaling is marked by four distinct seasons. In spring the place is taken over by a riot of flowers; in summer the wind blow gentle and soothing; in fall, the mountains are dyed crimson by fall leaves; and in winter the entire place puts on a thick snow mantle. Visitors to Badaling may also visit the Great Wall Museum and go to a local cinema to learn something about the history of the Great Wall. Guide to more sections of the Great Wall. >>

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