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Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing ToursMutianyu Great Wall, 20 km to the northwest of Huairoun County, Beijing, is situated where vegetation is luxurious and over 90 percent of the land is covered with grass, forests and fruit trees. This section of the Great Wall, mostly in good conditions, was rebuilt in the third year (1569) of the Longqing reign of the Ming Dynasty. Outside the wall the mountains are steep while within the wall the land is gentle. There is a close cluster of watchtowers in unique shapes and diverse structures. Parapets stand on the upper edge of inner and outer walls to form a complete defense work that hugs the contour of the terrain as the Great Wall descends in a series of escarpments. Scenic spots include Bull's Horn Ridge, Arrow Nock, and Eagle Flying Belly Up.

A comfortable and safe cableway has been built to whisk tourists up and down the Great Wall When Us President Clinton and his wife visited Mutianyu on June 28,1998, he was so impressed by the Great Wall snaking its way across the mountains like a titanic dragon that "Amazing, amazing. was all he could say at that moment. Guide to more sections of the Great Wall. >>

Mutianyu Great Wall, BeijingMutianyu Great Wall, Beijing ToursMutianyu Great Wall, Beijing Tours

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