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Beijing Hot Pot

If you visit Beijing in winter, there is nothing like a good hot pot to warm you up. There are restaurants which specialize in hot pot. This kind of hot pot is a cook on your own style of food. You are given a charcoal fire, usually one table for one per person. You then order meats and vegetables which come raw. You dip them in the boiling water of your hot pot to cook. You use one set of chopsticks to put the raw materials in and another to pull them out. You can dip the cooked goods in soy sauce and chili if you like. In the end you are left with a nice hot soup.

In Beijing, hot pot is eaten year-round. Typical Beijing hot pot is eaten indoors during the winter. Different kinds of hot pot can be found in Beijing - typically, more modern eateries offer the sectioned bowl with differently flavored broths in each section. More traditional or older establishments serve a fragrant, but mild, broth in the hot pot, which is a large brass vessel heated by burning coals in a central chimney. Broth is boiled in a deep, donut-shaped bowl surrounding the chimney.

Famous Beijing Hot Pot

A kind of famous Beijing hot pot is the Instant-boiled Mutton aka the Mongolian Hot Pot, the instant-boiled mutton is fresh, tender and delicious, not greasy at all. The way of preparing it may be interesting for you: the cooking pot is often sunk into the table or above the table and fueled, frozen mutton is cut into deli-thin slices for you to load individually into the hot cooking broth by chopsticks, and in 15 to 30 seconds, they are ready to serve. Other kinds of meat and vegetables can be cooked this way as well. Instant-boiled Mutton has been the most favorite food for local residents during cold winter and even hot summer.

Where to Eat Beijing Hot Pot?

You can find hot pot restaurants in the alleyways of Qianmen south of Tiananmen Square, though they are dotted around Beijing city. If you are just interested in the Instant-boiled Mutton hotpot, you can visit the Badaju Instant-Boiled Meat Restaurant, Donglaishun Restaurant, Hutulou Restaurant, Jureju Hot-Pot Restaurant, Nengrenju Restaurant Co Ltd, Shancheng Hot-Pot Restaurant, and You Ren Ju to have a try.

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