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Qianling Park

Qianling Park is a natural forest park in Guiyang with high mountains and a crystal clear lake. It is only 1.5 kilometers away from the center of city with an area of 426 acre. The park has 7 predominant scenic locations: Hongfu Temple, Qianling Lake, Macaque Garden, Kylin Cave, the Zoo, the Wind and Rain Bridge, and the Winding Mountains Path.

Qianling Park Guiyang, Guizhou ToursHongfu Temple
Hongfu Temple (aka Temple of Great Fortune) was built on Kylin Mount in 1672. The temple contains several halls. The first hall named Heavenly King Hall. The statues of Maitreya Buddha and the four Heavenly Kings are placed there. On the walls there are steles of sutra and colorful paintings. The second hall is the Bodhisattva Hall dedicated to Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara with 32 arms. In the third hall named Mahavira Hall there are gilded statues of Sakyamuni and the 18 Arhats. There's also a jade Buddha statue from Rangoon, the capital of Burma. It is 1.5 meters high and weighs 900 kilograms. The statue looks beneficent but solemn, and it stands among more than 10 other jade statues of Bodhisattva and Maitreya. Besides these superb halls, the temple has a Bell Tower and a Drum Tower put on both sides of its gate. The bronze bell weighs more than 3,300 pounds, and was cast in 1469. The temple is beautiful and also adorned with galleries, pools, verdant trees and springs, which are of high artistic value.

Qianling Park Guiyang, Guizhou ToursQianling Lake
Qianling Lake was made by the damming of the Daluo Spring in 1954. In 1999 when the project of clearing up the silt in the lake was completed, it has an area of 35 hectares with clearer water and a steady dam. The crystalline surface mirrors the green and gentle willows and the surrounding pavilions that are ornately decorated and finely built. On its western bank stands a memorial for the martyrs who died during the war of liberation of Guizhou Province. Every Tomb-Sweeping Day, thousands of people go there to worship the heroes.

Macaque Garden
Qianling Park, with 98% of forest cover, is also home to some more than 500 macaques. They live in the Macaque Garden. Energetic and enchanting, they jump and frolic here and there, attracting a lot of visitors.

Qianling Park Guiyang, Guizhou ToursKilin Cave
In another corner of the park lies the Kiling Cave (the Cave of the Unicorn), which was discovered in 1531. During the Anti-Japanese War, the famous patriotic generals like Chang Hsueh-liang (1901-2001) and Yang Hucheng (1892-1949) were jailed one after another here.

The Zoo
Covering an area of 7.55 hectare, the zoo raises more than 50 kinds of animals and birds from all over the world including Manchurian tigers, South China tigers, lions, white-headed langurs, takins, leopards, king pheasants, golden pheasants, silver pheasants, whooping swans, emus ...

The Wind and Rain Bridge
This is a bridge with Dong people's architectural style. On the bridge, visitors can enjoy the beautiful lakes and the surrounding scenery.

Winding Mountains Path
The path measures 13km and connecting many famous mountains. Along the path are beautiful landscape and the ancient pavilions, inscriptions on the cliffs, tablets and trenches etc.

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