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Zhenshan Ethnic Village

Zhenshan Village is home to the 120 households of Buyi and Miao ethnic groups. It was originally built in the Ming Dynasty and served as the expeditionary troops' stronghold of the dynasty. Surrounded by waters and mountains, the village is in fact an ancient stone castle. The village walls, village gate, houses, roads are all built with stones even some daily utensils such as pestles, grinders, bowls, mangers, vats and jars etc. are made of stones. They have very strong ethnic flavor. 

Apart from the traditional Chinese festivals, Zhenshan villagers celebrate some their own special festivals such as Dancing on the Square Festival (local name: Tiaohuachang), Lunar April 8 Festival (local name: Siyueba), Lunar June 6 Song Meeting (Liuyueliu Gehui) and Lunar July 15 Festival (Qiyueban) etc. Among, the Dancing Festival is considered as the most important. The festival is celebrated on January 12th - 14th every lunar year. During these days, the Buyi and Miao villagers in their best costumes sing and dance to the melodies from the Lusheng (a kind of bamboo-pipe wind instrument) and the bamboo flutes to celebrate this festival on a square (the locals call it tiaochan, literally, dancing square).

Zhenshan Ethnic Village, Guizhou Tours Zhenshan Ethnic Village, Guizhou ToursZhenshan Ethnic Village, Guizhou Tours

Legend has it that, a long, long time ago, the bandits captured the forefather of the Buyi villagers. They failed to rescue him by themselves and they asked his friends, some local Miao people for help. The Miaos played the Lusheng and sang Miao songs to communicate with him. They told him they would rescue him at one night. The bandits could not understand so the forefather was rescued. For appreciating the help from the Miao, the Buyi people danced and sang songs to celebrate this great event. Then they built a ground for dancing and formed the custom from then on.

Zhenshan Ethnic Village, Guizhou ToursAll people are good at singing in Zhenshan Village. The boys and girls usually take every opportunity to make friends and choose their loved future spouses through singing in antiphonal style when they meet in the mountains or at a special place. The female villagers all excel in needle work and weaving. They can weave the traditional clothes and make beautiful embroidery with various patterns. The Girls usually make embroiders of special styles and present it as a gift to their boyfriends.

Travel Tips

1. Zhenshan Village is only 20 km from Guiyang City and very close to the Huaxi Scenic Area (Huaxi Park) and the Tianhetan Scenic Area. Tourists can take bus from the Hebin Park to the Tianhetan, and then transfer to the village by the local motorcycle or directly hike there (2km). Also tourists can take the special bus from Guiyang to Zhenshan Village.

2. Trip to the village, tourists can visit the Miao or Buyi families and drink their home-made rice wine, taste their strange food such as bacon, smoked bean curd, pickled vegetable and pickled fish and so on. 

3. The Zhenshan Ethnic Village is by the beautiful Huaxi Lake (Huxi Reservoir). Renting a small ship and paying the ethnic people RMB 5-10yuan, tourists can have a very pleasurable boating there.

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