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A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple Macau also called Barra Temple, is located situated halfway up the western slope of Barra Hill. It is the most popular and oldest temple in Macau, dedicated to the Goddess of A-ma, the head shrine of the A-Ma-Gau faith spread over the world. With a history of more than 500 years, it is situated in the picturesque A-Ma cultural village, across from the Maritime Museum.

Legends about the A-Ma Temple
Ama Temple in Macau was built in year of 1488 of Ming Dynasty to honor the seafarers' goddess – Mazu (another name of A-Ma), who blesses the fishermen from ancient time. In the legend, the Goddess called Lin Mo, who was born in Putian Fujian province. Lin Mo is intelligent and ready to help others. It is said that she saved her father and brother on the ocean journey when the violent storm attacked. She could predict good or ill luck and after her death she often helped merchants and fishermen ward off calamities and turn danger into safety.

In another legend, a poor village girl looking for free passage to Canton, but was refused many times until a little fishing boat took her onboard. Suddenly, a typhoon blew in, destroying all the boats except that little one. After lending on Barra Hill of Macau, she revealed herself as A-Ma. To show their gratitude to Maza, fishermen built the temple on the spot she remerged. The temple was already there when the Portuguese landed; they called the city A-Ma-Gao (Place of A-Ma) after this temple and now shortened for Macau.

Buildings of A-Ma Temple
A-Ma Temple Mauca is the biggest one among 2500 temples which dedicated to goddess around the world. It houses prayer halls, pavilions and courtyards constructed into the boulder-strewn mount.

At the entrance is a large rock, with a picture of a traditional sailing junk engraved more than 400 years ago to commemorate the Chinese fishing boat that carried A-Ma to Macau. The winding path links several shrines set in the rocky hillside with traditional moon gates and miniature gardens along the way.

A-Ma Temple has four halls, three of them are honored to A-Ma (also called Mazu), other goddess and gods of Taoist and Buddhist are devoted jointly in another one. Every hall is made up of a series of classical Chinese architectural treasures, and this is all guarded by stone lions.

A-Ma Temple Activity
The temple is a magnificent ancient architectural complex, with various poems and inscriptions carved on the stones or cliff. Just visit and enjoy the unique Mazu culture there. Visit the A-Ma temple on the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month, on the birthday of A-Ma, visitors can explosion of fireworks, traditionally set off to scare away evil spirits and now a popular demonstration just inside the temple.

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