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Ordos (Ordus) is a city in Inner Mongolia, China. Administratively, it is a prefecture-level city which governs a large region in southwestern Inner Mongolia. Ordos City was founded on February 26th 2001 in on the basis of the former Ikh Juu league (Yikezhao Meng), a name used for the area since the 17th Century. "Ordos" means "palaces" in the Mongolian language, the name is sometimes claimed to be related to the eight white yurts of Genghis Khan. Its seat of government is Dongsheng District.

The city has an administrative area of 86,752 km² and covers the bigger part of the Ordos plateau. The city borders Hohhot which is to its east, Baotou to its northeast, Bayan Nur to its north, Alashaa to its northwest, Wuhai to its west, Ningxia to its southwest, and Shaanxi and Shanxi to its south. At the end of 2004, Ordos had a population of about 1.36 million inhabitants.

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