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The section below is part of examples of feedbacks and reviews come from our valued clients who traveled China with us. We are grateful that the following guests highly valued our service and permit us to publish their comments and some of their contact information. Please feel free to communicate with them directly with your questions, or you put in touch with us via emails. Our sales team wishes you have a good time with our honest and personalized services.

From Marie-Claude

Hi Leon,
We had a very good time in Yunnan.  Your organisation was good.  All went well with the guides and drivers, hotel reservation and tours. 
We really enjoyed our time in this beautiful province.

Client's Information:

Nationality: An expat family
Tour Starting Date:  late July and early August, 2011
Tour Itinerary: 12-Day Fabulous Yunnan Tour

From Hitesh & Sandhya

Hi Cathy

I am just about to board my flight back to Dubai and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much for arranging such and amazing trip. Everything was

perfect. The choice of hotels was especially great, both in terms of comfort as well as location.

Thank you very much for a memorable trip and I will ensure that I will recommend your services to all my family and friends.
Hope to see you in China once again.


Hitesh & Sandhya

Client's Information:

Nationality: South Africa
Tour Starting Date: July, 2011
Tour Itinerary: 18-Day Honeymoon China Tour

From a mother and her daughter

Hi Silvia,
Am finally home and trying to get my body to adjust to the time change. Got up late this morning and couldn't even remember what day it was! Have been trying to keep "regular" Montreal hours but it is taking a bit more time than I thought!
Firstly, I want to thank you for taking such great care of us. Our trip to Chengdu was a wonderful success. Our guide, Nina, was excellent in every way. She was most knowledgeable, so friendly, patient and helpful and her English excellent. She went out of her way to make sure our time together was one we would remember for a long time. Couldn't recommend her more highly.
And our driver.... what job it is to be a driver in China! We drivers from the province of Quebec "pride" ourselves in being the most daring (and probably the worst) in Canada..... you have to have nerves of steel to be a driver in China!!! He was excellent.... we are still trying to figure out what rules, if any, exist when it comes to driving in your country!!!
And how very fortunate we were to have had the great fortune to have had you as our travel consultant! Your dedication in making sure everything went well and that we would experience the China you know and obviously are so proud of, sure paid off. Our week under your care could not have been better. I don't think we missed anything, the way you filled our days with exciting activities and sights! And your encouragement to return to Yangshuo and then the delightful Dragon River Retreat.... so glad we did not change our mind and stay behind in Guilin.....
But the highlight was actually meeting you in Guilin and spending an evening in your company. We can't thank you enough for taking such great care of us, well beyond the "call of duty"; for a lovely dinner and your so thoughtful gift. Please tell your boss that you were wonderful  in every aspect and that we hope he knows how very fortunate he is to have you on his staff. We can attest to that first hand!!! (Please let him see our comments!).
As for Tibet, we know you tried your hardest, up to the last minute, we were being so hopeful but it was not meant to be at this time. I know the trip you have planned for Brent and Alyssa will be excellent. I expect you to charge it to my Mastercard which you have on file, as previously discussed. (you had better have all the information as Alyssa is my computer guru and I have absolutely no idea of how to scan etc). Would you send me a copy of the itinerary so I can enjoy their trip from afar. Also please let me know how much it will be so that I have some idea of what to expect.
Have a great day! And I do hope you will continue to keep in touch with us, even after this last trip you are working on. All the best and thank you again and again for your care and caring!
Carole Prussin Blank
I did want to tell you that the Dragon River Retreat was a wonderful treat. The hotel was great, the food exceptional and their staff delightful. They spoke great

English and tried and succeeded to make our short stay a great one. Mic and Jasmine and all your very accommodating staff, we thank you! The only complaint we had was that our stay was so short!
As for the Eva Hotel, as mentioned when we were with you, their limited English made things a bit difficult. Their security guard was their best ambassador and was more helpful than the desk  and businee centre staff!!! The hotel was fine but we had a difficult time getting our requests understood.

Client's Information:

Nationality: Canada
Tour Starting Date: from late May to June, 2011
Tour Itinerary: tailor-made China tour