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Huangshan Travel Tips

Huangshan Mountain, a member of the World Geological Park. It was listed on the Catalogs of World Cultural and .Natural Sites by the UNESCO in 1990. To visit this great mountain in Huangshan, please follow these useful tips:

1. Some sections of the roads in the Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) are steep. It is wise for you to wear a pair of hiking shoes to visit the mountain.

2. Thunder and rainy days are not suggested to climb the Yellow Mountain, and don't take shelter under trees in these days.

3. Mountain Huangshan is windy and summer has thunder and rains, take raincoat instead of umbrella.

4. Prices of food and drinks are as high as the mountain. But those in the North Sea Scenic Area are relatively low.

5. Temperatures drop with the altitude increases, and the weather is a little cold in the late evening and early morning.

6. Smoking is not permitted on all parts of the mountain. There are designated smoking areas for chain smokers.

7. Winter is the most economical time for visiting Mt. Huangshan because prices for hotels and the entrance fee are lowered by 15% to 40% compared to those of the peak seasons.

8. Winter usually comes in late October to Huangshan Mountain. It often snows from November to March. Enjoy snow, watch animals and take a hot spring bath in Mt. Huangshan in winter are very popular with the European and Australian tourists these years. December to February is the best time to enjoy the Huangshan snow, this time all the steep peaks, grotesque rocks, and odd pines are covered with snow. In a drizzling day, you can see a fantastic phenomenon—all the trees are decorated with rime!

9. The best time to watch the sunrise on Mountain Huangshan is:

Spring: 05:30 am to 06:00 am
Summer: 04:40 am to 05:10 am
Fall: 04:50 am to 05:20 am
Winter: 05:30 am to 06:00 am

10. The best locations to watch the sunrise on Mt. Huangshan are:
Dawn Pavilion, Refreshing Platform, Lion Peak, Rosy Clouds Peak, Bright Peak Summit, Jade Screen Peak, Lotus Blossom Peak, and Heavenly Capital Peak.

11. The best time to appreciate the seas of clouds on Mountain Huangshan is on clear days after rainy or snowy weather from September to May. Tourists are recommended to change their viewing locations according to the heights of clouds.

Emergency Call Numbers for Huangshan Tour

110 Call police for help in any danger
119 Dial this number when fire or other disaster happens
120 Call for an ambulance
122 Dial this number when a traffic accident happens

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