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Sichuan Travel Tips

Below are some useful travel tips to Sichuan China, hope they are helpful for your tour.

•Pay more attention to temperature difference of day and night and the security of meal; pay more attention to your personnel safety on the tour.

•Do not enter into the closed area. And pay attention to fireproofing and avoid the scaring of wild animals when you visit some mountain scenic spots, such as Emei Mountain, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Siguniang Mountains Scenic Area, Qingcheng Mountain , Yading Natural Reserve and the Bamboo Sea in Southern Sichuan.

•Some necessaries and tools should be taken when you want to have a Sichuan tour. Such as common medicine, sun care preparations, rain gear, map, and electric torch.

•If you have an independent travel (Attending the organized tour of some travel agencies is highly recommended) in Sichuan province, you should pay attention to all nameplates in every spots in your tour. Please have your tour according to tour path to avoid to be getting lost.

•Adjust the jet lag: After the long journey from your country to China, the jet lag may make you uneasy. You’d better have a good rest when you check into the hotel. Beijing Time is the standard time in Sichuan and some time differences with main regions are for your info: U.S -13, Canada -13, Britain -8, Germany -7, Japan +1, Thailand -1, Philippine 0, Japan +1, Singapore 0.

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