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Kunming Travel Tips

Useful Tips for Kunming Tour

      1. Temperature of Kunming has a great change in a day. Especially in winter and spring, the diurnal temperature differences can range from 12℃ to 20℃, therefore, taking a sweater and a coat is necessary if you visit the city at the time of year.

      2. May throught October rainy season usually sets in. Once it rains, the temperature will drop so you had better take an umbrella and a windbreaker at this time.

      3. Take sun cream, lip gloss, moisturizer and a pair of sunglasses for keeping the plateau's bright sunlight.

      4. Drink extra fluids as evaporation of sweat may occur unnoticed and result in dehydration; eat light, high-carbohydrate meals for more energy.

      5. Take some Acetazolamide and Sumatriptan with you for the treatment of high-altitude disease. Besides, the anti-diarrhea medicine, antibiotics, and patulin are also necessary.

      6. If you need to enjoy some form of local amusements in Kunming, please ask your local guide. He or she will give you some helpful suggestions.

      7. To respect the local folkways in Kunming if you have the opportunity to visit the ethnic villages of Yunnan. The minorities in Yunnan have their own taboos. Don't touch children, young monks and the girlies' heads and headwear; off with Your Shoes before get into the temples' halls and the bamboo houses of the Dai people; if lunch or dine at the Yi people's family, you should seat on the upper right side of the Huotang (a fire in the pit in a house). Don't step on or stride over the fire. Spitting into the fire is forbidden. People are not allowed to get around by holding the burning firebrand during the day; Yi people not allow people to comment on their kids as "beautiful", "fat" or "heavy"; they not allow people to sit on the doorsill either; Naxi people ban throwing litters into rivers and ponds, and people are not allowed sitting on their doorsill either.

      8. Tea, Tobacco, Flowers, Yunnan ham are the 4 great things to buy in Kunming. One of the major exports of Yunnan Province is Puer Tea. There are many tea shops in Kunming so you can choose your favorite kinds.

      9. Beijing Street is perhaps the longest street in Kunming, and one of the city's major streets. You can find lots of shopping, roadside stores, skyscrapers etc. Most shopping malls in Kunming are open from 9:00 till 21:30; some are open around the clock so you don't worry about the shopping time if you want to shop in Kunming.

Kunming Emergency Call Numbers

110  Call police for help in any danger
119  Dial this number when fire or other disaster happens
120  Call for an ambulance
122  Dial this number when a traffic accident happens

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