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Fujian Travel Tips


1. Fujian has a tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, the summer is extremely hot. Take sunscreen, sun hat and the glasses to protect your skin from the strong sunshine.

2. Take some medicine that can reduce a fever. Maybe you will need it during your journey.

3. Pay attention to the weather forecast! Better not go out when the typhoon is coming.

4. Contributed to the excellent climate and conditions, Xiamen is known as a fruit land. If you like, just have a taste of all kinds of fruits.

5. A favorable place to eat the seafood is Xiamen. The unique geographical environment and climatic conditions there make Xiamen a wonderful place teeming with excellent seafood.

6. Avoid touts when selecting an item during shopping. Be alert when suddenly someone comes close to you. Be extra careful when boarding taxis with a lot of packages, maybe the pickpockets are nearby. Place your bag before your chest when you are walking alone.

7. Quanzhou's unique traditional festival is called the Zhongyuan Festival, which usually lasts for one month starting from July 10th in the Chinese lunar calendar. During this month, people carry out sacrificial rites to their ancestors, entertain guests and perform local operas. If you like to experience local culture of Fujian, just go there.

8. Quanzhou also holds a tourism festival every year in different locations around the city. Tourists and businessmen come from all over the world to gather, and enjoy various folk performances and tourism product exhibitions.

9. A great attraction of Fujian is the large scale International Shoe Exposition in Jinjiang in April every year. It is the largest and the most professional one of its kind in China. It is worth incorporating it in your tour when you plan your Fujian trip.

10. Perhaps the EARTH BUILDINGS are the most worth exploring things in Fujian. These most extraordinary type of Chinese rural dwellings are called Tulou in China. They were mostly built between the 12th and the 20th centuries. We recommend you to incorporate some of these earth buildings in your Fujian travel: Zhencheng lou, Chengqi lou, Chuxi Tulou cluster, Tianluokeng Tulou cluster, Yuchang lou, Eryi lou.

1. Especially pay attention to your clothing and your shoes before hiking. Flat shoes like the sport shoes are the best choice. Don’t wear high-heeled shoes! Better not to take too much items which is unnecessary.

2. Before your journey, pay attention to the weather report and dress proper amount of clothes. Don't use the umbrella when it rains. Raincoat is much better as it can avoid the lightening and prevent the strong wind blow away the umbrella, maybe with you too.

3. If you want to enjoy the good scenery, stop to enjoy it. Don’t do the thing: enjoy it as you walk. Otherwise you will fall down and get hurt.

4. A attention must be paid to the weathered rocks when you want to take a photo.

5. Take care of your safety. Don’t go to the dangerous mountain area which is not open.

6. Smoking is forbidden in the wooded area.

7. Take good care of your belongings, especially your cameras.

8. When enjoy bamboo rafting in the Jiuqu Stream, please wear the life jacket and obey the arrangement of your travel guide.

Questions & Comments

  • pang liang fong on July 14, 2012, 2:46 pm

    Hi, I will be in Meizhou in Jan 13. How do I get to go the Chuxi Tulou from Meizhou? I only want to see this tulou. Can I join a local tour from Meizhou?I rather take public transport, If not my wife and I will hire a car to take us there. Thanks

  • Ripple on July 21, 2011, 10:49 am

    Hello Matt, you can choose train or bus to get there => 1) By Train: take train to Yongding (Train No. K635/K638; Departs: 21:15; Arrives: 08:01; Duration: 10h46m; hard seat: CNY 76; Hard sleeper: CNY143) Train Station, where you can find some midibus/minibus to Xiayang Town. Upon arrive in Xiayang, you can hire a motorcycle/minibus to Chuxi. (If you cannot find a midibus/minibus at the train station, you can hire a motorcycle to Yongdi Bus Station and then catch the bus to Xiayang or Chuxi) 2) By bus: about 554km from Fuzhou North, fare CNY 123, 7.5 hrs. In Yongding bus station, you can find the express midibus (abou CNY 20) to Chuxi Tulou. If you cannot catch the express bus, you can take the bus (about CNY 12) to Xiayang and then transfer to Chuxi by local motorcycle (about CYN 10) or minibus (about CNY 5). Xiayang to Chuxi: about 13 - 15 km. Hope thsese help. webmaster - ripple

  • Matthew on July 21, 2011, 1:32 am

    Hello, I am travelling Fuzhou next month and I definitely want to visit fujian tulous. Could you give me some advice as to how to reach chuxi from fuzhou whether by train, bus or car? I would really appreciate your opinion. Yours, Matt

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