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Suzhou Travel Tips

Useful Tips for Suzhou Tour

      1. The best time to visit Suzhou is from January to April. Being on the lower reaches of the Yangzi River, Suzhou seasons are very distinctive, the average temperature in January is around 2-3℃; while average temperature around July is around 28℃. Therefore, if you come to Suzhou for tourism in early spring or late autumn, prepare winter clothing to prevent the sudden cold.

      2. Don't trust in the tricycle wheeler around the stations and attractions in Suzhou, they earn rake-offs by taking you to some unworthy visiting spots; especially those around Pan Gate (Panmen) and Tiger Hill (Huqiu), may treat the tourists to the wrong direction for earning money.

      3. Be careful of strangers' recommendation of bars; there maybe traps on 'sky high' charges for some slices of fruits or drinks.

      4. Dressing in Suzhou is casual but modest. Take warm clothing for the winter and light clothing for the summer.

      5. Shop hours in Suzhou are usually from 9 am to 9pm from Monday to Friday; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are from 9am to 10pm.

      6. Tip is not required to the taxi drivers in China (of course includes Suzhou). However, if you have received exceptional service, you may consider offering something extra.

      7. Don't forget to buy some Suzhou silk or Suzhou embroideries, these products enjoy a very high international reputation; the Molihua Tea (jasmine flower) and the Biluochun Tea (a kind of famous Chinese green tea produced in Suzhou) are should not be missed a taste (or buy). 

Suzhou Emergency Call Numbers

110        Call police for help in any danger
119  Dial this number when fire or other disaster happens
120  Call for an ambulance
122  Dial this number when a traffic accident happens

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