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Hainan Travel Tips

As Hainan Island is not heavily industrialised, its greenery, together with its beautiful beaches and clean air, make it a popular tourist attraction. The island is accessible through ferry links with Guangdong province, as well as air links. The Guangdong-Hainan passenger railway link opened in December 2004. There are two airports, Meilan Airport in Haikou, and Phoenix Airport in Sanya.

Haikou is the province's capital and contains interesting historic sites. Also known as Coconut City, Haikou is a major port. There are two famous historic site.  The Five Officials Temple (Chinese 五公祠 ) consists of five traditional temples and halls that were built in honour of five officials of the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. These officials were banished to Hainan for periods ranging from 11 days to 11 years for speaking out against what they felt were wrong practices by the Emperors. (It is perhaps significant that the establishment of the Five Officials Temple in the late 19th century coincides with a time when China's territorial integrity was under threat, and that several of the officials honoured here were exiled for espousing aggressive policies on the recapture of the north of China from the Jurchens during the Southern Song dynasty.)

The Tomb of Hai Rui (Chinese 海瑞墓) is a key national cultural protection site. Hai Rui was a compassionate and popular official of Hainanese origins who lived during the Ming Dynasty. He was famous for his lifelong honesty and his willingness to speak out on behalf of local people. In later life, Hai Rui was persecuted and fell out of favour with the emperor. His admirers built the Hai Rui Tomb after his death to commemorate his great works. Construction of the tomb began in 1589.

Sanya, a popular tourist destination located in Lingshui County, is a state-protected nature reserve for macaques. Hainan Island has a number of beaches, hot springs. Some top scenic sites include Yalong bay National Resort; Dadonghai Tourist Resort; Qizhi Shan (Seven Finger Mountain), Guantang Hot Spring Resort, Shishan Volcanic Garden; Wanquan River, Baishi Ridge Scenic Zone and Baihua Ridge.

More Attractions in Hainan

Ethnic Minority Group

Hainan CityHainan is a multinational region, and there the ethnic villages of Li and Miao are very typical. The hospitable villagers will treat you to traditional food as well as wonderful singing and dancing performances. So the Li and Miao Villages are well worth a visit in Hainan. Nowadays, Hainan cuisine is very popular all over the world, especially the fresh and delicious seafood. Furthermore, Hainan is famous for their beautiful handicrafts, like shell carvings.

Abundance in the Island

Paddy rice, coconuts, palm oil, sisal, tropical fruits (including pineapples, of which Hainan is China's leading producer), black pepper, coffee, tea, cashews, and sugarcane, rubber trees.

Fishing and Seafood - Marine products contribute a significant share to the provincial economy. Shrimps, scallops, and pearls are raised in shallow bays and basins for local use and export. Grouper, Spanish mackerel, and tuna constitute the bulk of the catch from the rich offshore fishing grounds.

Qiong Opera and Yalong Wan (亚龙湾Crescent Dragon Bay or Yalong Bay), is a seven kilometre-long beach east of Sanya City.

Entry Tips

The province has initiated a visa-upon-arrival policy for foreign tourist groups from twenty-one countries in 2000, in order to attract visitors. It received 380,000 overseas tourists in 2002. Visitors from countries and regions with diplomatic or official relations with China who wish to stay within Hainan Province for 15 days on business or pleasure can obtain a travel visa upon arrival at the ports of Haikou and Sanya. Visitors wishing to stay more than 15 days can apply for an extension to their visa with appropriate reasons supplied to authorities.

In addition, according to the relevant regulations, the travelers are allowed to stay Hainan within 15 days without China Visa, if they have organized group tour in Hainan Island by the certified travel agencies, and are from these 21 countries, i.e., Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, England, France, Australia, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Holland, America, Canada, Austria and New Zealand.

Residents of Hong Kong and Macau and overseas Chinese can enter Hainan Province using their Chinese passport or other certified travel documents. Residents of Taiwan can apply for a special single-entry travel certificate at the ports of Haikou or Sanya.

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