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Daxiao-dongtian Scenic Spot

Daxiao-dongtian is located at Yazhou Bay, 40 km west from Sanya city. It is famous for its scenery of sea, mountain, stones and caves. Built as a cradle of taoism in 1187, it has attracted a lot of taoist pilgrims in a long histoy. It was said that there once a master of taoism called Mao Kui flied up to heaven.

This attraction is designed as a theme park for traditional Chinese Taoism in southmost China. One of the most famous features of the park is its rock formations, caves and of course the nearly 30,000 precious Dragon Blood trees, many of which are about 2,000 years old. This park is also known as the "Marvellous Sea and Mountain Spectacle" because of its strategic location facing the South China Sea (7 km from the Nanshan Temple Cultural Zone).

Naturally formed coastline, beautiful big boulders tat run along the coastline feature this attraction. The highlights in the park include The Master Jian Zeng Rock, so called because the Buddhist Master Jian Zeng from the Tang Dynasty came here to rest and watch the sea. After many years, the rock where he used to sit took his shape and became a statue of the Master. There is also the Fairy Turtle God made from copper. In the old days, the fishermen often came here to pray to the turtle for good luck and peace. There is also The Longevity Stela with a big Chinese character meaning "Longevity" carved on it by Ci Xi, the Empress Dowager of the Qing Dynasty.

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