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China Visa Issues

  • China Visa Extension

    If sometimes you want to stay in China longer than the validation of your visa, you have to apply for a visa extension. It is not very difficult for you to make an application. You just go to the Foreign Affair Desk at local PSB in major city in Chin

  • China Visa Application FAQs

    Is an appointment required for a visa application? Can I entrust someone else to apply for me? No appointment is required. You may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to come to the visa office for application process, but mail applicati

  • How to Apply for a Tourist Visa?

    Where to get China visas The Chinese visa authorities overseas include Chinese embassies, consulates, visa offices, and the consular department of the office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. If a foreigner intends t

  • China Visa Consultation

    China Visa Consultation Citizens of most countries are required to obtain Chinese visas to enter China. If you are not sure if you need visa to enter/exit China, please view the related laws or policy at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or c

  • China Visas

    A Chinese visa is a permit issued by Chinese visa authorities to non-Chinese citizens for entry into, exit from and transit through China.. There are eight categories of ordinary Chinese visas, which are respectively marked with the letters C, D, F,

  • Travel Entry Requirements

    To enter the People's Republic of China, a citizen from other countries must have a valid country passport and Chinese visa. Visitors arriving without valid passports and Chinese visas are generally not permitted to enter China and may also be su

  • China Tourist Visa

    A Brief Introduction to Tourist Visa A tourist visa, issued to aliens who come to china for sightseeing and visiting relatives, is marked with? L? in the many kinds of Chinese visas. Visa L is characterized by a short duration of stay, usually 30 da