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China Visa Consultation

China Visa Consultation
All foreigners must take their valid passports with them when entering China. They should also apply for a visa in China's diplomatic institutions, consular offices and Chinese institutions authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After they have obtained such visas, foreigners can travel in all the open cities across China.

Passports are also needed as it will be the prime means of identification. You will have to show them when you cash traveler's checks, make plane or train reservations, exchange money or establish the holder's identity.

Chinese visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to those foreigners who want to enter into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. Port visa is a necessary supplement in handling visa by Chinese diplomatic institutions stationed abroad, and enables those foreigners who want to enter China for emergency matters but fail to apply for a visa before hand, to obtain a visa in the port at where they arrive.

To provide convenience for foreigners who come to China on matter of urgency, China has set up port visa institutions in some open cities and regions. Foreigners, having letters or telegrams authorized by Chinese units, passports of countries with diplomatic relations or official trade relations with China, and must come to China at once but have no time to apply for a visa at Chinese diplomatic institutions stationed abroad, may apply for a visa at ports designated by the relative institutes of the Chinese government. No visa is necessary for foreign passengers with through tickets who transit China by international flight or passengers who stay in China's airports for less than 24 hours.

Citizens of most countries are required to obtain Chinese visas to enter China. If you are not sure if you need visa to enter/exit China, please view the related laws or policy at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or check with China embassies or consulate generals in your country (region).

Overseas Chinese Visa Authorities: Foreign citizens can obtain a China visa from Chinese embassies, consulates, visa offices, and the consular department of the office of Chinese Foreign Ministry. For further information, please consult the nearest China visa authorities in your country.

This is a list of Chinese Embassies and Consulate Generals and find contact information of local China visa office. Please click links below to get more detail from China Embassies and Consulate Generals.

• Algeria | Australia |

• Bangladesh | Belgium | Botswana | Brazil | Brunei | Bulgaria|

• Canada (Consulate in Toronto, Consulate in Calgary, Consulate in Vancouver) | Congo |

• Denmark |

• Egypt | Estonia | Ethiopia |

• Fiji | Finland | France |

• Georgia | Germany | Ghana | Greece (Hellenic) | Guyana |

• Hungary |

• Iceland | India (Consulate in Mumbai) | Indonesia | Iran | Ireland | Israel |

• Jamaica | Japan | Jordan |

• Kenya | Korea, North | Korea, South (Consulate in Busan) |

• Latvia | Lebanon | Lesotho | Liberia | Lithuania |

• Malaysia | Malta | Mexico | Moldova | Mongolia | Morocco | Myanmar (Consulate in Mandalay) |

• Namibia | Nepal | Netherlands | New Zealand | Nigeria (Consulate in Lagos) ) | Norway |

• Pakistan (Consulate in Karachi) | Papua New Guinea | Philippines (Consulate in Cebu) | Poland |

• Russia |

• Saudi Arabia | Sierra Leone | Singapore | South Africa (Consulate in Cape Town, Consulate in Johannesburg | Sri Lanka | Sweden | Switzerland | Syria |

• Thailand | Turkey |

• Uganda | United Arab Emirates (Consulate in Dubai) | United Kingdom | United States (Consulate in Chicago, Consulate in Houston, Consulate in Los Angeles, Consulate in New York, Consulate in San Francisco) |

• Uruguay |

• Viet Nam |

• Yemen |

• Zimbabwe


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