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China Visa Extension


If sometimes you want to stay in China longer than the validation of your visa, you have to apply for a visa extension. It is not very difficult for you to make an application. You just go to the Foreign Affair Desk at local PSB in major city in China.

Visa Extension FAQs

1. China visa extension for a 60 day - multiple entry. Odd situation.... Hello. I have a US passport. I have a 60 day multiple entry visa for China. My situation is this. I entered Shanghai coming from the ferry from Japan on November 18 thinking I would spent time in China at that point, thus activated my visa. I made changes and went to southeast Asia a couple of days after my arrival in China, planning to return after just a few days. Plans changed and I stayed in SE Asia longer. I'm now in Hong Kong and I plan to enter China within the next week. I now have only about 10 days on my visa once I enter China. My question is this. Will I be able to extend it in the PSB in mainland China given that it is a 60 day visa- multiple entry, if so, does anybody know the accurate costs for extension?....OR should I just apply for a new one in Hong Kong and make an extension once the 30 days of the new visa are over? I plan to be in China for about 35 - 40 days, so if the extension on my current visa works out I will be fine with the days and may be able to save a few bucks. Chinese visa for US passports are expensive in HK (or elsewhere).

Answer 1: I would say get a new visa in Hong Kong if you can get a 60 day visa there. If you can only get a 30 day visa in HK then wait until you are in the mainland and go to the PSB and ask for an extension of 40 days. A new visa should cost you around 100 USD. An extension from the PSB on the mainland will cost 100 USD.

Answer 2. So besi...are you saying that each time I go in within the 6 months my visa is valid for, I can stay up to 60 days?? each time??

Yes. If you have a multiple entry visa, they come in three flavors, 30, 60, and 90 days. You have a 60 days one.. So you can enter a "multiple" number of times and stay for as long as 60 days each. Just check your visa expiry; it is printed on your visa.

Questions & Comments

  • Paul on December 5, 2010, 1:42 pm

    Just wondering if you can extend a 30 day (per entry) multiple entry visa (valid for 6 months) beyond its 30 day validity...In other words, if I wanted to stay an extra month without having to leave and again re-enter to do so...Is this a possibility ?

  • Fisher on August 19, 2010, 4:54 pm

    Hi, Nahiku, you can find some information on the below websites. Hope it helps. 1. http://www.at0086.com/at_News/270/335648736691381.html 2. http://www.visainchina.com/faqs.htm#q9 3. http://www.china.org.cn/english/LivinginChina/185217.htm

  • nahiku on August 14, 2010, 8:22 pm

    I have a multiple entry 60 day L visa and I want to keep that visa. However 60 days are up on August 30 and I plan to leave for one week on September 27th. My question is can I get a one time extension and still keep the multiple entry visa? Or should I just leave Dalian for a one day trip to Korea? Thanks for the advice.

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