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Festivals in Yunnan

China Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival

*Time: From April to May every yeay

*Venue: Kunming City and other places in Yunnan Province

*Origin: To fully display the ethnic minority cultures and local characteristics of Yunnan Province, the China National Tourism Administration and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government set up the Organizing Committee of the China Kunming International Tourism Festival every year.

*What’s On: During the festival, various activities are organized, such as the opening ceremony, the get-to-gether in Yunnan Ethnic Village, Stone Forest “Torch Carnival,” Xishuangbanna Water-Sprinkling Festival, Wenshan Zhuang Antiphonal Singing Fair, Mengba Naxi Customs Festival of Dehong Prefecture, Lisu Evening Party of Nujiang Prefecture, Ruili Chinese-Myanmese Carnival, Luoping Rape Flowers Festival, Luliang Colorful sand Forest and Sculpture Festival, Deqen Shangri-La Art Festival, Lijiang International Dongba Culture Tourism Festival, trans-national tours by driving a car, International Park Direction Contest, the golf invitational tournament for celebrities, the Chinese-Myanmese ethnic knife dance contest, Dali March Street, the tourism commodities fair, the exhibition of costumes of the Ethnic groups in western China, China Pu’er Tea Festival, orchid Fair, etc.
*Main Tourist Attractions: Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden, Yuantong Temple, Tanhua Temple, Dianchi Lake, Western Hill, Yunnan Ethnic Village, Stone Forest, Xishuangbanna, Wenshan, Dehong, Ruili, Deqen, shangri-La, Old Town of Lijiang, etc.

*Transport: Tourists can fly to Kunming, and then go the different tourist attractions by long-distance bus.

Yunnan Dai Water-Sprinkling Festival

*Time: Mid April every

*Venue: Jinghong City in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

*Origin: Legend has it that once upon a time, there was a devil incarnate, who married seven girls by force. The girls hated him bitterly. One day they worked together to cut the devil’s head off. However wherever the devil’s head rolled, a fire would break out. The fire would go out only when a girl held the head to take turns to hold the devil’s head. Each girl was on duty for one year. Before a girl was relieved on duty, the local people would sprinkle water on the girl to wash away bloodstains, and express their gratitude and respects. The devil’s head finally became ashed. The Water-Sprinkling Festival, which aims at doing away with the old and usher in the new, has with become a custom since then. Now the Miao people believe that water will bring fortune to the people.

*What’s On: Various activities are held during the festival, such as holding dragon on boat races, setting off homemade rockets, performing elephant-leg drum dance and peacock dance, attending garden parties, going to market, and sprinkling water. Unmarried young men and women would pledge enduring affection by throwing pouches to each other.

*Main Tourist Attractions: Manfeilong Pagode, Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion, Mange Buddhist Temple and Tropical Botanical Garden, etc.

*Transport: Tourists may fly to Kunming, and then change a bus to Jinghong. Though it WILL take a long time to go from Kunming to Jingkong by bus, tourists can appreciate the beautiful scenery on the way.

Deqen Shangri-La Art Festival

*Time: Early May every year

*Venue: Shangri-La Country of the Deqen Tibet Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province

*Origin: Beautiful Shangri-La is the “Land of Plum Blossons” described by James Hilton, a British writer, in his book Lost Horizon. The mystical, Peaceful and harmonious valley far away from the turmoil world has aroused many people’s resonances and pursuit. Zhongdian in Deqen is proved to be the fictional place as described in the book by experts, hence Zhongdian Country with approval by the State Council in 2001. Shangri-La County in Deqen has been known as the “sea of songs and dances.” The art festival fully displays the Multi-ethnic and danced of the Tibetan people and other ethnic minority peoples.

*What’s On: The opening ceremony, Charm of Shangri-La (a roving performance of folk songs and dances), Nixi Love Dance, Hutiaoxia Town Yi Dati Dance, a large parade consisting of a caravan, a train of yaks, a procession of lamas, a team of people holding colorful flags, the show of Tibetan Opera, the fashion show performances of ethnic songs and dances, horse races, the display and sated of tourism commodities, the campfire evening party and other folk activities. 

*Main Tourists Attractions: Tiger Leaping Gorge, First Bend of the Yangtze River, Gezong Snow-covered Mountain, Bita Lake, Napa Lake, White Water Terrace, etc.

*Transport: Tourists may fly to Kunming, and then go to Shangri-La by plane or long-distance bus.

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