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Shandong Cuisine

Shandong FoodShandong Cuisine is known for its light seasoning, and delicacy. Its chefs make a point of retaining the original flavor, freshness, crispness, and tenderness of the ingredients. Among its specialties are Sweet-sour Huanghe (Yellow River) carp, fried crisp on the outside but tender that the meat can be shaken off the bones and melts deliciously in the mouth. Chefs in the coastal cities of Qingdao and Yantai excel in the preparation of seafood. Shandong Food

Shandong cuisine is also known for its soup, both the clear and milky-white kinds. One clear type, prepared with materials extracted from swallow's nests, is often the first major course at banquets. (soup usually comes at the end of most Chinese meals) White soup made with wild rice stems or dandelion greens is famed for color, fragrance, taste, and appearance.

Shandong food consisits of Jinan and Fushan food. Jinan food makes good use of soup seasoning, frying in deep oil and steaming. Shandong roast chicken is guaranteed to make the diner believe.

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