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Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan FoodSichuan FoodDistinct features of Sichuan Cuisine: They prefer steaming, simmering, and smoking. The cooking is elaborate and meticulous and the flavoring highly varied and mixed. The taste of each dish is very distinct. A common Chinese saying about Sichuan cuisine is that each meal has its own unique taste, and no two dishes have the same flavor.

Sichuan cooking employs scores of condiments giving all the different tastes - salty, sweet, sour, hot, aromatic, peppery or bitter, of which a prickly pepper is the climate, the chefs there lean heavily on such warmth-giving ingredients as chilli pepper, black pepper, the mild red huajiao pepper, and ginger. Of hundreds of varieties of Sichuan dishes, it is said that only 20 per cent have a hot and numbing effect on the palate. In fact, the art of Sichuan cooking emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of food. It offers everything pleasant and inviting to color, aroma, and appearance, while flavor is the top priority. What Sichuan cuisine boasts is an abundance of flavor and diversified methods of cooking.

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