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Nightlife & Entertainment in Fujian

Fuzhou Nightlife
As a modern southern city, Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center. All manner of places of entertainment, night clubs and sauna etc. line the busy streets. These places are massed in the area of Jiangjun Temple, Liuyi Lu and Dong Jie Kou. The Hot Springs are a feature of Fuzhou, and are scattered around the Hot Spring Hotel. Air force No. 1 (Address: No. 256, Liuyi Bei Lu) is one of Fuzhou's special recreation places. The recreation programs are elaborately designed each day to cater to your taste - song and dance shows, instrumental performances, fashionable dress shows and honorable guests' performances on Friday and Saturday. Pyramid Music Square, in the parking lot of Fuzhou International Exhibition Center, offers light music, disco and entertainment shows and also they invite stars from different regions to give performances every day. Taoyuan Tea House has a high grade and well served elegant environment. Although there are some wonderful recreational places for tourists to visit in Fuzhou City, the nightlife there is not as glamorous and fascinating as the metropolis of Shanghai and Beijing, etc.

Here we have some recommended entertainment places for your reference:
Hongse Jingjie Disco Bar
Address: No. 69, Gudong Lu, Gu Lou Qu

Xin Jiazu Entertainment City
Address: 2/F, No. 73, Jiaotong Lu, Taijiang Qu

Red Mill Bar
Address: No. 19, Jingtai Lu, Gu Lou Qu

Haoyoulai Music Bar
Address: No. 20, Bayiqi Bei Lu

Rongquan Tea House
Address: No. 43, Gaoqiao Lu, Taijiang Qu

Xianfuge Tea House
Address: 2/F, No. 96, Wusi Lu, Gu Lou Qu

Eiffel Coffeehouse
Address: No. 16, Shengfu Lu, Gu Lou Qu

The traditional folk entertainment activity prevails among the local people. Fuzhou Pinghua and Fuzhou Opera are looked upon as the most popular and tourists can, if interested, appreciate them at theaters during the circuit performances.

Shengfu Auditorium Cinema
Address: No. 1, Shengfu Lu, Gu Lou Qu

In addition, the night spots of Wuyi Square, Dong Jie Kou and Wusi Lu, etc. are all very attractive.

Entertainment in Xiamen
Entertainment in XiamenFor a city of its size and situation (relatively close to Guangzhou and with Taiwan across the water), Xiamen has surprisingly little western style nightlife.

There are however, a few passable pubs and discos dotted around the city. Check out the Arcadia Disco on Bailuzhou and the bars in the more upmarket hotels.

The Night Market here is very popular, bursting with atmosphere and interesting things to buy. The market is located on Ding An Rd and takes place every evening between 6 and 10. Get there early to pick up the best bargains!

For the health or outdoor-oriented, Xiamen in a lively place. Water sports are popular in this coastal city, and sailboats, motorboats, scuba diving and water skiing are all available for hire. Most hotels in the area can help to arrange this.

One of Asia's biggest golf courses is also nearby, designed by championship golfer, Greg Norman.

Cinemas and Theaters 

Jinying Cinema 
Address: 5th floor of the World Trade Center Mall (beside the train station)
Phone: (592) 5805408 / 5815000 

KaiMing Cineplex 
Address: 69 Jiangtou North Raod, Huli District
Phone: (592) 5517918 

Jinyi International Cineplex 
Address: 381Mingfa Commercial Mall
Phone: (592) 5048811 / 5048822 

Siming Cinema 
Address: 2-14 Siming North Road
Phone: (592) 2132873 

Liabhua Theater 
Address: 4-6 Lianhua North Road
Phone: (592) 5532891 / 5530105

Zhonghua Cinema 
Address: 225 Zhongshan Road
Phone: (592) 2023881 / 2023212 

Xiamen Opera and Dance Theater
Address:12 Gongyuan West Road
Phone: (592) 2023011

People's Theater 
Address: 217 Zhongshan Road
Phone: (592) 2118776

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