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Hongkong Nightlife

For contemporary art and entertainment, Asia's world city simply can't be beat. You will be mesmerized by the moves of the Hong Kong Ballet, the Hong Kong Dance Company and the City Contemporary Dance Company or catch the magical Chinese melodies performed by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

Various events such as the Symphony of Lights, Rugby Sevens, Hong Kong Housewares Fair, Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Le French May, Dragon Boat races, Fashion Week, and Winterfest, will more than satisfy your craving for entertainment.

Hong Kong Island Nightlife
The most well-known entertainment spots for foreigners and expats are two areas on Hong Kong Island called Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong. Situated just a short distance from Hong Kong's Central District, Wan Chai is large and comprises different zones with the bars and entertainment venues on the few streets near to the immigration tower, the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre and Central Plaza. The intersection of Lockhart Road, Jaffe Road and Luard Road mark the epicentre of Wan Chai's nightlife, and here you'll find everything from theme bars with Filipino live 'acts', to seedier joints, where girls in suggestive clothing will try to coerce passers by inside for a very expensive drink, a pole dancing show, and more. This district has over three times the density of New York and a lot can go on, for better or for worse so visitors, especially if single, are counseled to exercise caution. All in all, nightlife in this part of Hong Kong doesn't reach its stride until midnight.

Dublin Jack's
Dublin Jack's has a warm and friendly atmosphere, helped along by a landlord who makes the effort to learn his clients' names. An extra attraction is the 'Deck' area, at the back of the pub, overlooking Lan Kwai Fong below. Dublin Jack's also serves Irish pub grub and asks that clients remain seated during all televised major sporting events, meaning that views of big games remain unobstructed.

Address: 1/F, 17 Lan Kwai Fong, Central.
Tel: (852) 2543 0081

Due to its rather modest size many Lan Kwai Fong drinkers choose to imbibe on the street outside, especially at the weekends when this is one crowded spot. The inside is a mixture of nautical themes while upstairs, Stormies offers a surprisingly good restaurant serving up freshly caught seafood.

Address: 46-50 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong.
Tel: (852) 2845 5533

The Keg
Right by Stormies, The Keg, some say, is the least pretentious of all Lan Kwai Fongs bars. Designed like a half keg barrel, it has a good selection of beers and friendly drinkers. The bar also has something called Pressure Hour, during which you can keep drinking for half price as long as you stay out of the toilets. Good luck.

Address: 52 D’Aguilar Street.
Tel: (852) 2810 0369

Kowloon Nightlife
Hong Kong nightlife is no shrinking violet in Asia's club scene – on the contrary, it's hopping and a very lively scene. In a town where even the restaurants don't think about closing until 02:00 you can expect a lot to do after the sun goes down. In summer, when drinking holes become too crowded, people simply spill out onto the street, lending a carnival-like atmosphere. Clubs range from sophisticated, downright snobby see-and-be-seen affairs to friendly, 'anything goes' places. Generally speaking, nightlife in Kowloon starts around 21:00 and goes on until very late.

Located in the posh Peninsula Hotel, Felix lives up to its surrounding by being swank, pretentious and unabashedly 'been there, done it' material. Designed by the ubiquitous and iconic Philippe Starck, it comprises a restaurant serving Pacific Rim cuisine, a balcony, a wine bar, an American Bar and, as the centrepiece, a Perspex box containing a dance floor known as the Crazy Box. The views (especially from the men's urinals…) have to be seen to be believed.

Open: Daily 18:00 – 02:00
Address: Peninsula Hotel.
Tel: (852) 2315 3188

Aqua Spirit
Usually referred to as simply 'Aqua', many punters claim that Aqua's views out over Hong Kong's nightscape are even better than at Felix – and that's saying something. Drinks are expensive so it's not the place to get round after round in unless you're flushed. You can also order food here, as you can in two downstairs restaurants, also part of the Aqua group. Dress code applies.

Open: Daily 18:00 – 02:00
Address: Level 30, 1 Peking Road.
Tel: (852) 3427 2288

Fringe Club Roof Garden
Astroturf on the roof, cool drinks and good views just about sums up Fringe Club Roof Garden. The Fringe Club Bar is where the alternative arts crowd gathers for drinks and discussion. The choice of drinks might be limited but this is one of the more convivial places for a civilized evening out in Central. It is also one of the only open-air bars in the area and is considered a perfect respite from the madness going on at street level below.

Open: Monday – Thursday 12:00 – 24:00 Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 02:00
Address: 2, Lower Albert Road.
Tel: (852) 2521 7251

Bocas Tapas and Wine Bar
The name is self-explanatory enough; Bocas is on street level and especially enjoyable in summer when customers can sit outside, enjoying the evening breeze and the views. Background music ranges from funky flamenco to lively acid jazz, while the décor and design are suitably impressive. The round-edged bar and banquettes add a sophisticated touch to the place while bright colour schemes liven up the overall feel. And the drinks? With an 80-label wine list and a good cocktail choice you're not going to go wrong here.

Address: 65 Peel Street.
Tel: (852) 2548 1717

Kee Club
This bar is mostly – but certainly not exclusively – aimed at the more mature crowd. Not to say that it's conservative – far from it, as the drinks flow and the music can get pretty hot. With Picassos on the walls and antique paintings, rugs and statues and various hidden salons to lounge in, it's a world away from the neon-lit madness outside. Classy, so dress up for it.

Address: 6/F 32 Wellington Street.
Tel: (852) 2810 9000

New Territories Nightlife
The New Territories are not really that far away from Central Hong Kong or Kowloon, especially with the efficient local transportation system, but they're worlds apart when it comes to nighttime entertainment. Visiting the New Territories can open visitors' eyes to another, more tranquil side of Hong Kong. Still, there are places in the New Territories where people can go for drinks after work or to hang out over the weekend. Such places include Kwong Fuk Road and a few other lively roads near Tai Po Market Train Station. Also, if you visit other parts of the New Territories like Sai Kung or Tsuen Wan, you can always find some friendly bars to drink and socialise in.

Bar King Lounge
Bar King Lounge is a good place to chill out and has reasonable prices for both drinks and snacks

Open: Daily from 17:00 – 03:00
Location: Tung Sau Square, Tai Po

Soho Café is known among locals as a friendly meeting place.

Location: Just off Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po

Cheers is a sport bar and restaurant serving Italian food. It has a friendly atmosphere.

Open: Daily
Location: On Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung

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