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Huangshan Nightlife & Entertainment

During the nights of your travel in Huangshan, where to have funs? Most of the Huangshan nightlife & entertaiment are concerned with bars, pubs, karaoke, and massage, mostly are in hotels. If you like spending the night out with friends, there are a lot of exotic places to make your stay interesting in Huangshan City. Drinking tea is also an indispensable part of daily life in Huangshan and visiting a tea house should be an essential part of your visit. As you know, Mt. Huangshan is a famous tea producing area in China. The soil quality, weather, temperature, and degree of humidifies of the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Mountain) are very suitable to the growth of the tea trees.

*Huangshan Ziteng Tea House
Serves some of the best tea in Anhui Province and is reputed to be one of the largest and the best tea houses in Anhui Province.
Address: 9-12 Qianyuan South Road, Tunxi District

*Yilin Ge Tea House
A cultural site with simple and elegant style offers authentic tea ceremony, Huangmei Opera (popular in Anhui Province), and Hui Opera.
Address: Tunxi Ancient Street

*Huangshan Tianzhu Tea House
Address: 3 Qianyuan South Road, Tunxi District

There are also KTV, discos, internet bars, cafes, and bars to enhance your enjoyment:

*9C Bar
Address: 20-22 Kangle Road, Huangshan Shangmao Emporium

*Huangshan Pinwei Bar
Offers Western wines, cocktail, coffee, compote, snacks, and beer.
Address: 20-22 Kangle Road, Huangshan Shangmao Emporium.

Flourishing street-side snack booths on the Xin'an river bank are also the ideal places to spend the evening, chatting with friends. In addition, the wonderful night scenery on the Xin'an River, Century Square will provide a memorable Huangshan experience. Or if you like, you can also do shopping in Huangshan in nighttimes.

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