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Nightlife & Entertainment in Hainan

Haikou Nightlife
Similar to other southern Chinese cities, Haikou has a rich night life. When the sun goes down, Haikou continues to offer passion and romance. Discos, nightclubs and pubs appear in the streets and lanes to appeal to customers. If you intend to relax in Hainan, be sure to experience the nightlife of Haikou. You can experience this unique city in many ways - in a bar, busy night club or roadside stand.

Coffee House
Old Tree Cafe No.5, Nanhang East Road
Fushan Cafe No.93, Beinhai Avenue
Shangtian Cafe No.3, Airport East Road

Night Club
Grand Shanghai Club: No.50, Longkun North Road
China Town Club: Longkun South Road

Tea House
Laoba Teahouse (Old Father Teahouse)
A Laoba Teahouse has always been known as a gathering place for the elderly, but is now also popular among young people. It is often located in small lanes, with a small basic storefront facing the street and several tables and chairs. One can stay here for a whole day with a cup of tea.

Sandong Road of the Haidian Island is the district for bars.
Tianshang Renjian (Heaven and Earth): in the Bar street, Sandong Road, is a tranquil bar.
TT Bar (Tibetan Bar): Heping Avenue, Haikou, opposite the Huandao Tide Hotel
TT Bar is a traditional bar with typical Tibetan features. Opening Hours: 20:00-02:00

LV: that is not Louis Vuitton, but a bar located at No.12, Wuzhishan Road inside Fulong Mansion. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a totally new atmosphere filled with unique creativity, stirring dance music and good wine.

1. Don't reply to those who send small cards (usually with tour package or air ticket information) to you at night and never buy tickets or attend tour package with them.
2. Take care of your valuables and money as you visit these recreation grounds.
3. Ladies should leave behind expensive jewelry before going out and avoid going up to the recreation ground alone.

Sanya Nightlife
Being the southernmost city in China, Sanya offers a totally different sunny aspect in winter, compared with northern chilliness. You can enjoy the famous Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay attractions with the crystal-clear sea water for swimming, diving and other sports.

Night time is the right time for getting out for a bit of fun under colored lights in Hainan. After a fine dinner in one of the island's many restaurants, visitors are welcome to step out onto the dance floor at a disco or take their turn with the microphone at a karaoke lounge located at the hotels or in the growing number of pubs and clubs to be found in Sanya, Haikou and elsewhere. An evening out on the town or at a poolside or beach barbecue can be the perfect cap to a memorable tropical holiday.
A new Blue Sea Luxurious Bar Street on Haiyun Lu in Sanya has developed with several bars and places for nightly entertainment. The Hot Spot, The Sky Bar and Pectopah Disco-Bar are among the new offerings. Just a few blocks away is Yuya Road, which seems to be developing a nightlife area of its own.The Hot Spot: The Italian Club, equipped with disco music, a full bar list and scantily clad petite bar dancers.The Roma Pizzeria sits on the top floor of The Hot Spot. With an open-air terrace, a little piece of Italy with an authentic wood-burning oven and a "Roman Room" equipped for imperial lounging. Together, the restaurant and bar make for a tasty and fun evening out.

The bar street here is on Sanya He Xi Lu. There, on a strip lining the river between two shopping centers, are a number of bars, KTV's and discos.  Smokey discos with an incessant techno-trance drone, lingering hot chicks. If that is what you are looking for, they are easy enough to find: Bujian-Busan Bar, Golden Glory Nightclub, Love at First Sight Bar and Sanya Hollywood Club.

For a more unusual nightlife experience, go to see a special entertainment show around 8:30pm every night for strangely gorgeous  dancing showgirls who are acturally men, but it is impossible to tell which is which. Sanya's nightlife certainly is heating up.

Allen Story Bar
Location: Yuya Lu Times Coast Plaza
An entire wall filled with bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey and Finlandia vodka let you know this bar does not mess around. The walls are covered in tasteful, interesting black and white photos of rock bands of yore, while reggae and American pop music plays across the bar. Disco lights dance across the hard wood floor and dark wood and metal tables. Allen Story bar is like a dive bar that got dressed up to meet his girlfriend's parents- altough respectable looking, there's no hiding what it's really about.

Be There or Be Square
A three story venue with music from a live DJ downstairs, a balcony on the second floor, and KTV rooms on the third. The place is bathed in red light and fiercely air-conditioned. Comfy red couches line tables, mellow trance music plays in the background, a good place to start or end an evening out. RMB380 for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Mediterranea, restaurant café and Shisha lounge
This lounge is the first and only Cocktails & Shisha Lounge in Sanya. With transparent curtains, comfortable sofas,lovely music and shisha (hookah) tobacco in many flavors. Extensive european fine wines list and International cocktails.Don't miss the night!

There are also more things to do in Hainan such as Beaches Sunbath, Golf, Water Sports and Spas.

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