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Guiyang Nightlife & Entertainment

Nightlife in Guiyang

The nightlife in Guiyang is exciting and colorful. Watching movies, playing bowling, killing time in night clubs, bars, cafés, theaters, tea houses and pubs are popular with the locals. Eating food late at night is a habit of Guiyang people. The night markets full with delicious snacks are prevalent in Guiyang. The unique and most interesting thing is that Guiyang people like to drink vinegar at night, which is considered to be good for health. The vinegar made from all kinds of fruits, such as orange, longan, lemon, grape and banana can be found in Guiyang. They are distinct from the daily-used vinegar and tasted great. Besides, appreciating the folk custom performances are also very attractive in the night Guiyang.

Guiyang Bars, Cafés, Tea Houses, Theaters & Other Places of Amusement

There are ten cinemas and countless bowling alleys, night clubs, bars and cafés as well as tea houses scatter in Guiyang. The locals and the tourists from all over the world usually enjoy their happy time in these places.


SOHO Times
Chinese Name: 苏荷时代
Chinese Pinyin: Su He Shi Dai
Add: 2 floor of the Sheng An Hotel, Yun Yan District
Tel: (0851) 5811999 
Description: Owned by an English boss, this bar is excellent in services and known as the biggest of its kind in Guiyang City.

Chinese Name: 苏荷酒吧 
Chinese Pinyin:  Su He Jiu Ba  
Add: 1 Ke Xue Lu, Nan Ming District (the east building of the Taiwan Mansion)
Tel: (0851) 5580588
Description: A western-style building with excellent drinks, coffee and western music.

Jiu Ku Music Bar
Chinese Name: 久库音乐吧
Chinese Pinyin: Jiu Ku Yin Yue Ba
Address: 101 Fushui Bei Lu
Tel: (0851) 5816698 5848898
Description: all kinds of drinks with countryside music, Latin music, jazz music, rock music and original music etc.

New Shangri-La Bar
Chinese Name: 新香格里拉咖啡厅
Chinese Pinyin: Xin Xiang Ge Li La Ka Fei Ting
Add: Yan' an Lu (by the Tenglong Hotel)
Description: It offers the very good coffee and popular with the young people.

Xiaoxiao Beer Bar
Chinese Name: 小小啤酒屋
Chinese Pinyin: Xiao Xiao Pi Jiu Wu
Add: 63 Dongxin Lu, Yunyan District
Tel: (0851) 5616998; 5615998
Description: It is a good place for relaxing, drinking and chatting. Here you can taste the authentic local dishes and snacks.

Label5 Bar
Chinese Name: Label5酒廊
Chinese Pinyin: Label5 Jiu Lang
Add: Tong Luo Wan
Tel: (0851) 5864111
Description: classical cocktails, wonderful wine mixing performance, good service, beautiful music and beautiful girls.

Coffee Shops

Master Morgan
Chinese Name: 摩根大师咖啡馆
Chinese Pinyin: Mo Gen Da Shi Ka Fei Guan
Tel: (0851) 8556630 
Add: 17 floor of the Guiyang Restaurant (Fan Dian), Middle Zhonghua Lu, Yun Yan District
Description: attentive service and good atmosphere

Yesterday Once More
Chinese Name: 昨日重现
Chinese Pinyin: Zuo Ri Chong Xian
Description: this coffee shop has several branches in Guiyang. It is famous for its quiet environment, quality coffee, authentic Jiaozi (Chinese dumpling), delicious beef noodles and local snacks.

Add: Shaanxi Lu, Guiyang         Tel: (0851) 6857331
Branch2: Hequn Lu, Guiyang      Tel: (0851) 6818301
Branch3: Gongyuan Lu, Guiyang   Tel: (0851) 6829985
Branch 4: Fushui Bei Lu, Guiyang   Tel: (0851) 681830

UBC Coffee
Chinese Name: 上岛咖啡
Chinese Pinyin: Shang Dao Ka Fei
Description: UBC Coffee has five branches in Guiyang City.

Branch 1:
Add: 8 Minquan Lu, Yun Yan District     Tel: (0851) 5833316

Branch 2:
Add: 155 Ruijin Bei Lu, Yun Yan District   Tel: (0851) 6515800

Branch 3:
Add: 50 Xihu Lu, Nan Ming District     Tel: (0851) 5926698

Branch 4:
Add: 23 Xinhua Lu, Nan Ming District    Tel: (0851) 5815936

Branch 5:
Add: 103 Gonghui Building (1st floor), Ruijin Nan Lu, Yun Yan District
Tel: (0851) 5980205

Victoria Coffee
Chinese Name: 维多利亚咖啡厅
Chinese Pinyin: Wei Duo Li Ya Ka Fei Ting
Description: Victoria Coffee has three branches in Guiyang. They all serve coffee and the western style Chinese dishes.

Branch 1:
19 Xihu Lu, Naming District      Tel: (0851)5935578; 6812631

Branch 2:
54 Yong Le Lu, Yunyan District    Tel: (0851) 6677198

Branch 3:
52 Yuxiu Lu, Yunyan District      Tel: 0851-6812631

Tea Houses

Yangxinzai Teahouse

Chinese Name: 养心斋茶艺坊
Chinese Pinyin: Yangxinzai Cha Yi Fang
Add: 202 Beijing Road, Yunyan District
Tel: (0851) 6815908; 6837908

Description: excellent environment, and good atmosphere for drinking tea and watching the tea-making performances.

Manhattan City
Chinese Name: 曼哈顿城
Chinese Pinyin: Man Ha Dun Cheng
Add: 318 Zhunyi Road
Tel: (0851) 5793124, 5778399
Description: Inside the Guiyang new gymnasium and decorated in a European style. The teahouse presents perfect sound and image effect and first-class service. The restaurant offers fresh seafood and distinctive dishes as well as star service. The bodybuilding center boasts an indoor swimming pool, many multi-functional private bathrooms and the original point-massage with Chinese characteristics. 

Guiyang Grand Theater
Chinese Name: 贵阳大剧院
Chinese Pinyin: Guiyang Da Ju Yuan
Address: 212 Xinhua Lu
Tel: (0851) 5516918
Description: a multifunctional theater for films, exhibitions, concerts etc.

People's Theatre of Guizhou Province
Chinese Name: 贵州省人民剧场
Chinese Pinyin: Guizhou Sheng Ren Ming Ju Chang
Add: 79 Middle Zhonghua Lu
Tel: 0851-5824364
Description: mainly shows the local Opera and is busiest over the weekend.


Guiyang Golf Club
Chinese Name: 贵阳高尔夫俱乐部
Chinese Pinyin: Guiyang Gao Er Fu Ju Le Bu
Add: Wu Dang District, Guiyang
Tel: (0851) 2352358
Description: Guiyang Golf Club is located in the suburb of Guiyang City, close to Guiyang-Zunyi Highway and the famous scenic spot Yangming Cave. The center is the only plateau forest golf course in China, boasting quiet surroundings, dense forests, limpid lakes, flat topography, fresh air as well as beautiful scenery. In this center, there are two international standard golf courses with 18 holes of 72 strokes complete with supporting facilities. Guiyang Golf Holiday Center is an ideal place for playing golf, relaxing or doing business.

Guiyang Banna National Custom Garden
Chinese Name: 贵阳版纳民族风情园
Chinese Pinyin: Guiyang Banna Min Zu Feng Qing Yuan
Add: Near the reservoir at the foot of Bola Mountain between Erge Village and the airport
Tel:  (851) 5400625; 5400629
Description: 9 km away from Guiyang, the Banna National Custom Garden is both a science and technology demonstration garden and a comprehensive tourist spot with strong national flavor. Here, you can go sightseeing, fishing, boating and swimming; you can visit the butterfly exhibition; you can enjoy the ethnic songs and dances; you can see the interesting ethnic wedding ceremony; you can also engage yourself in the military field-operation training for pleasure. At weekends or holidays, you can participate in the water-pouring festival and camp-fire party.

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