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Travel News

  • Huashan Scenic Area carrying out Integrated Ticketing (2011-07-06)

    According to the Management Committee of Huanshan Scenic Area, Huashan Scenic Area will deploy the integrated ticketing system since July 5. The price (RMB) standard and including areas will be as follow:

  • Drying Clothes Festival Will Be Celebrated in July 6 (2011-07-05)

    According to the legend of the Yao people, the sixth day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the day when the Dragon King put his garments out in the sun. It is also the second important festival (the first one is Spring Festival) in

  • The Dove Tree In Emei Mountain (2011-06-13)

    The Dove Tree is best known for its flowers. These form a tight cluster about 1–2 cm across, reddish in colour, each flower head with a pair of large (12–25 cm), pure white bracts at the base performing the function of petals.

  • Tokyo Disneyland Closes for 10 Days Following Japan Earthquake (2011-03-14)

    Tokyo Disneyland will be closed for several days in the wake of Thursday's 9.0-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan, Japan news network Kyodo News reported.

  • The Upcoming 2011 China Guilin International Tourism Expo is Highly Expected (2011-03-11)

    The upcoming 2011 China Guilin International Tourism Expo will be held in Guilin, Guangxi Province, China from September 9 to 11. The expo will welcome about 50 countries and more than 800 exhibitors from home and abroad, attracting 15,000 visitors a

  • Nanjing to Hold the 9th China Azalea Exhibition (2011-03-10)

    The 9th China Azalea Exhibition will be held in Xuanwu Lake and Stone City Lake in Nanjing from April 4 to May 6 in 2011. The Exhibition sets its main venue in Xuanwu Lake and the other venue in Stone City Lake. The residents in Nanjing can appreciat

  • World Wonders--Two Ancient Cities Discovered Under Qiandao Lake (2011-03-10)

    The picturesque lake, Qiandao Lake welcomes thousands of tourists every month. But nobody knows that under the gorgeous lake there has deeply slept two ancient cities with a history of more than two thousand years, until China National Geography repo

  • The 2011 Guangzhou International Tourism Exhibition (2011-03-02)

    The 2011 Guangzhou International Tourism Exhibition will take place from March 24th to the 26th in the Jinhan Exhibition Center in Guangzhou.It will welcome more than 500 exhibitors from many countries around the world, such as USA, French, Spanish,

  • Tibet to hold the 9th Peach Blossom Tourism Festival (2011-03-02)

    The 9th Peach Blossom Tourism Festival will officially take place from March 25 to April 25 in Tibet. The opening ceremony will be held in Gala Taohua Village in Linzhi Region of Tibet.This year, the Peach Blossom Tourism Festival will be extended to

  • Huangshan to Host Spring Rape Flower Photography Tour (2011-02-28)

    Huangshan City, located in East China's Anhui Province with its world-renowned Huangshan Mountain, is to host a Spring Rape Flower Photography Tour between March 3 and April 10 this year to lure more visitors.As a major tourist attraction in Chi

  • China's Major Airlines Raised Passenger Fuel Surcharges (2011-02-28)

    Chinese airlines raised passenger fuel surcharges on February 22, 2011 — due to the rise in base fuel prices. Major Chinese airlines — including Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern ...

  • 27th Snow and Ice Festival kicks off in Harbin (2011-01-07)

    On Wednesday, China's northern city of Harbin kicks off the 27th annual Snow and Ice Festival. The city transforms its abundance of snow and ice into beautiful sculptures for all to enjoy.The festival is expected to welcome several million touri

  • The Entrance Ticket Of Harbin Ice And Snow World Has Been Fixed (2010-11-03)

    On Tuesday, the sponsor of the Ice And Snow World, Harbin Modern Group (aka Harbin Ma Die Er Group) had fixed the entrance ticket of the 12th Ice And Snow World. Namely: From Monday to Thursday, RMB 280/p;

  • Tibet's First Luxury Hotel Opens (2010-11-03)

    The St. Regis Lhasa Resort, the first international luxury hotel in the capital of Tibet, has now opened up for business.

  • Harbin On the 2010 China City Cadidate List (2010-10-11)

    According to reports, the event is hosted by China Radio International under the direction of Information Office of the State Council and China National Tourism Administration(CNTA). The best 20 cities are: Harbin, Xi'an, Hangzhou...

  • Beijing Airport Sees More Passengers During Holiday (2010-10-08)

    The airport has made full preparations to cope with the expected high number of passengers returning from their holidays, especially stepping up security measures, said an official with the airport.

  • Large Crowds Overwhelm Forbidden City (2010-10-08)

    Overwhelmed by a huge number of visitors who flocked to the capital's Forbidden City during the National Day holiday, authorities at the 590-year-old palace said an e-ticketing system will be introduced next year to cap entries in a bid to protec

  • Canada Will Rent Two Chinese Pandas (2010-06-30)

    China will lease Canada two pandas for 10 years. Chinese President Hu Jintao and Canadian Prime Minister Harper proclaimed the news after they took Part in the 2010 Group of 20 summit meeting and had a talk in Toronto.

  • A New Yueyang Tower Was Built of 55,000 Zongzi (2010-06-15)

    For celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, the locals in Yueyang built a unique model of the Yueyang Tower with 55,000 Zongzi. The model was listed in the official Guinness World Records book on Monday.

  • Travel The Yellow Mountain - Reward Half Price (2010-06-04)

    "Travel to the Yellow Mountain will reward half price," the administrator of the Huangshan Scenic Area said on Tuesday. "We hold some preferential activities on June, they will benefit our tourists," He said. "Both the themes of o