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Nightlife & Entertainment

  • Guangzhou Nightlife

    Guangzhou NightlifeAs one of the first Chinese cities that was opened to the outside world, Guangzhou is definitely a pioneer in introducing fresh overseas trends in the field of entertainment. And it is easy to find a place to relax in such a big ci

  • Hongkong Nightlife

    For contemporary art and entertainment, Asia's world city simply can't be beat. You will be mesmerized by the moves of the Hong Kong Ballet, the Hong Kong Dance Company and the City Contemporary Dance Company or catch the magical Chinese me

  • Macau Nightlife & Entertainment

    Nightlife in Macau is famous for its variety, its frantic pace and constant change. For night owls this is a city that never sleeps, with plenty of bars, shops and restaurants, as well as casinos, open all night long. Visitors will have no problem if

  • Nightlife & Entertainment in Hainan

    Haikou NightlifeSimilar to other southern Chinese cities, Haikou has a rich night life. When the sun goes down, Haikou continues to offer passion and romance. Discos, nightclubs and pubs appear in the streets and lanes to appeal to customers. If you

  • Nightlife & Entertainment in Fujian

    Fuzhou NightlifeAs a modern southern city, Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center. All manner of places of entertainment, night clubs and sauna etc. line the busy streets. These places are massed in the area of Jiangjun Temple, Liuyi Lu an

  • Chongqing Nightlife

    Chongqing's vibrant night life is no different from that of China's other thriving metropolises, boasting bars, movie theatres and dance clubs which bring the city alive in the evening hours. Tired of the usual tourist activities? Try one o

  • Harbin Nightlife & Entertainment

    Harbin is full of exotic atmospher, not only expressed in the human customs, but also reflected in the bars of Harbin. Those bars can be noisy, quiet, colorful, picturesque or infinitely charming.

  • Chengdu Nightlife & Entertainment

    Chengdu is famous for leisure and enjoyment. From traditional teahouses, theaters to modern pubs and clubs, every corner in Chengdu City offers the warmest welcome. Chengdu Jinli Recreational and Cultural StreetLocation: It is situated on the Floor

  • Guiyang Nightlife & Entertainment

    Nightlife in Guiyang The nightlife in Guiyang is exciting and colorful. Watching movies, playing bowling, killing time in night clubs, bars, cafés, theaters, tea houses and pubs are popular with the locals. Eating food late at night is a habit of Gu

  • Kunming Nightlife & Entertainment

    There isn't a huge selection of quality bars in Kunming, and those that do exist usually close around 1PM. Move from Wenhua Xiang and Wenlin Road in the early evening to Kundu – a Chinese disco district; find some pubs, bars and KTV available to

  • Tibet Nightlife & Entertainment

    Useful Tips for Lhasa Nightlife & Entertainments In Lhasa, nighttime activities are simple and often limited to see Tibetan performances, sit around a table and chat with friends or stroll around a night makert. But the nightlife scene is changi

  • Hangzhou Nightlife & Entertainment

    Life after dark in Hangzhou offers plenty of attractions. The dazzling Hangzhou Grand Theater, completed in 2006, offers a vibrant program of classical and Chinese traditional music in its three halls. Visitors wanting to experience a performance of

  • Suzhou Nightlife & Entertainment

    As an ancient city situated at ground zero of the Chinese economic boom, Suzhou has plenty of entertainment options both traditional and modern. Anyone interested in Chinese opera should put a Kun Opera performance on their Suzhou itinerary.

  • Huangshan Nightlife & Entertainment

    During the nights of your travel in Huangshan, where to have funs? Most of the Huangshan nightlife & entertaiment are concerned with bars, pubs, karaoke, and massage, mostly are in hotels. If you like spending the night out with friends, there ar

  • Lijiang Nightlife & Entertainment

    How to spend the night time in your Lijiang tour? What entertainments are available in Lijiang? People of different ages, coming from different places can choose to enjoy the tranquility of the ancient town. For the young girls, what they like best w

  • Shanghai Nightlife & Entertainment

    Shanghai has the most colorful nightlife & entertainment activities in China, with cinemas showing foreign and chinese films, and theatres featuring opera, dance, drama, acrobatics and puppets. The famous shows include Huangpu River Cruise Acroba

  • Xian Nightlife & Entertainment

    Nightlife and entertainment in Xian is considered by many travelers as one of the indispensable part of their Xian travel plans. Xian won't disappoint them in this aspect. Travelers will find their requirements satisfied at Xian numerous bars, Ka

  • Guilin NightLife & Entertainment

    Guilin has a very active nightlife and entertainment activities. Various night shows featuring the colorful ethnic culture of the region are staged everynight in theathers or hotels. Many dance clubs, coffee shops, and pubs are open late into the nig

  • Beijing Nightlife & Entertainment

    Beijing Nightlife & Entertainment