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Balang Mountain

Balang Mountain is also named Banlan Mountain in the locals. But in the Tibetan language, it is called Balangla, means "the mountain of strange willows ". The mighty Balang Mountain is situated in the very juncture of Xiaojin, Wenchuan and Baoxing counties. The section trending towards (south to north) Wenchuan County is called Balang Mountain. And the section stretching towards (East to West) Baoxing County is called Shuxiying (main peak, 4930 m). Between the two mountains is the Blang Bealock (4523), where is the encampment of the mountaineers.


Balang Mountain  is covered with snow all the year round. It stands 5,040 m above sea level between the Wolong Nature Reserve and Rilong Town of Xiaojin County. Here is the only way which must be passed leading up to the Siguniang Mountain. The high mountain and its deep valleys are often veiled in the boundless sea of clouds. A tortuous sky way runs through the bealock and zigzag up. Going up the mountain, you can see different types of plants grow to adapt to the change in temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight and air pressure due to the change in altitude. For birdwatchers, Balang Shan caters different types of birds along the changing altitude. Far before reaching the mountaintop, you will be able to see birds of prey flying below your feet. 

Mt. Balang is the best destination for the beginners of mountaineering. It offers very breathtaking mountain landscape and suitable for climbing all the year. It is accessible and only 4 hours drive from Chengdu. Many easy climbing routes reaching different high peaks in the mountain. You don't worry about getting lost in the mountain even without a guide. All the scansorial peaks in Balang mountain are closed to the road. It provides a quick way to reach the hospitals in Rilong Town in case of an accident.

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