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Xiling Snow Mountain

About the Mountain

'Through the window come a view of firn on the Xiling mountain; near the door anchor the ships from distant Wu Kingdom' was praised by Du Fu (Famous Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty). So that the Xiling snow got its fame since then.

The Xiling Snow Mountain, towering in Dayi County about 90 kilometers from Chengdu, ranges 484.8 square kilometers in area. The mounatin is a national scenic area known for its virgin forest and alpine landscape. Its highest Snow Peak is 5,364 meters high in elevation and is snow-capped the year round. The magnificent peaks are white and sparkling, like diamonds, under the warm sunshine, which can be seen in urban Chengdu under a clear sky.

Xiling Snow Moutain, Sichuan Tours

Xiling Snow Moutain, Sichuan ToursXiling Snow Moutain, Sichuan Tours

Xiling Snow Mountain, with the temperature changing with the rise of elevation, is a distincitvely magical scenic resort. Travelling there, tourists can see virgin forests, steep cliffs, over-hanging rocks, waterfalls, sea of clouds, sunrise, the forest Buddha Halo, Yinyang boundary, sea of flowers, rare birds and animals and more feature alpine natural sights of the mountain. There is a distinct distribution of the vegetation zones that present different scenes in different seasons. There are several spectacles in the cubic meteorological zone.

The monntain is a colorful land when azalea flowers are blooming in spring; In summer waterfalls show up here and there; in fall red leaves light you eyes; and in winter visitors are happy with skiing in the world of snow.

The Ski Resort in Xiling Mountain
The ski resort in Xiling Mountain (conmmonly known as Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort) is the largest and best-equipped ski resort in southwest China. Located on a tableland and tucked between the high mountains, it covers an area of approximately 7 square kilometers. The altitude here is between 2,200 and 2,400 meters. The highest temperature here in summer is only 25°C and the lowest in winter is -10°C. The snow season lasts from late November to the end of March the next year. The average depth of snow coverage is more than 60 cm. Due to its sharing the same altitude as well as similar snow quality and snow season with the Alps.

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is an excellent place for skiing. It is well-equipped. With 2000 sets of famous-brand skiing facilities, including 35 ski-doos imported from Canada and Japan, all-terrain skiing vehicles and sliding tubes imported from Europe, the skiing Resort has become the largest snow park in China.

Standing in Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort, you can have a bird's-eye view of the whole Xiling Mountain. Many colorful sightseeing hot air balloons and parachutes hovering there, which allow you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery around. The 2500-meter-long gondola cable connecting Riyueping and the ski resort, enables you to enjoy the sea of clouds, sunride, sunset, the beautiful Yinyang Jie and Buddha halo.

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