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Mahjong Games in Chengdu

“You can even see Chengdu people playing Mahjong games from the sky when the plane getting into the city’s airspace”. The tourists who have ever traveled to Chengdu may say. Definitely, this is not a joking remark. Chengdu is known as the most laid-back city in China. Even Chinese from other cities are amazed at Chengdu people's way of relaxation. People there seem to spend a lot of time on Mahjong games wherever they are, on the streets, in tea houses, in Mahjong houses or at their homes.

In China, Mahjong can be dated back to more than 3,000 – 4,000 years ago, but it was only allowed aristocrats to play in the old days. Now the game is enjoyed throughout China and around the world, but nowhere else where people are so crazy about Mahjong games like Chengdu people. Almost everyone here knows how to play Mahjong, regardless of the senior citizens or young children. Mahjong plays an important role in their leisure time. In Chengdu, nearly all teahouses have Mahjong tables, and the number of Mahjong venues is far more than tea houses. Chengdu people believe that Mahjong game is a useful recreational tool and good for their brain and health.

Playing Mahjong games seem to no time limit for Chengdu people. The idlers may play the games all day and all night. But for most of the locals, the games are an enjoyable activity. From spring to winter, they gathered around the table to enjoy it. As been well-known, Chengdu is one of the "Four Furnaces" , its summers are among the hottest in China. Nearly all the summer days are torrid. Interestingly, Chengdu people find a good way to deal with the sweaty days. They carry their tables and Mahjong to the river banks or directly play the games in the rivers. A most famous site to see Chengdu people playing Mahjong games in water is the Hongkou Scenic Area. Embosomed in mountains, a stream there is put on tables, chairs and beach umbrellas for people to drink tea and play Mahjong. Each summer many people flock to this resort to play Mahjong games though need about 80km-drive from Chengdu. The site is located in Dujiangyan, which also offers various activities, such as white water rafting, beach volleyball, rock climbing, cycling etc.

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