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Chengdu Teahouses

Sichuan is one of the biggest birthplaces of tea in China, and has a history of tea producing, growing and drinking for centuries. Today teahouses are part of local culture, especially in Chengdu, the capital city. In Chengdu, teahouses are spotted everywhere built according to local surroundings. Some of the teahouses are well decorated with rockery, paintings and miniature garden. While more of them are simply made of bamboo, and filled with bamboo tables and bamboo chairs. Bamboo chairs, wooden tables, bamboo houses, porcelain tea sets, brass teapot and "Tea Doctors" are authentic features of Sichuan teahouses.

Chengdu teahouses are unparalleled for the tea sets, which consist of porcelain bowl, porcelain cover, and metal pallet. The tea sets are both exquisite and practical, actually a group of art. Teahouses here are also famous for a kind of teapot that is made of brass and has a spout with approximately three feet long. The people in the teahouses who can skillfully use this teapot are named "Tea Doctors". Due to the long spout, Tea Doctors can pour the tea from a long distance into a small teacup without spilling a drop. Tea Doctors, experts in the field of tea art, are also very familiar with local culture, and perfect source to know about local customs and figure out places that deserve visiting.

The teahouses in Chengdu are social gathering, entertainment, and chatting places. Local people spend countless hours each day to relax here, discussing current affairs, playing mahjong, card or Chinese chess, and watching Sichuan Opera. Sichuan Opera is world known, with the stunt "face-changing" as its unique technique. Besides, the local rolling lights performance will also broaden visitors’ outlook.

Some popular teahouses in Chengdu include the People's Park Teahouse, located downtown, a legacy from the Qing Dynasty, with a history of more than a hundred years. The Yuelai Tea House situated in Huaxingzheng Street provides with Sichuan Opera performances from 14:00 to 16:00 every Tuesday and Saturday. The Heming Tea House inside the Renmin Park is an outdoor teahouse, with tranquil and picturesque surroundings. Lang Tao Sha, one of the most luxurious teahouses in Chendu, offers with furnishings and services that are in no way inferior to those at five-star hotels.

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