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Ancient Tanshishan Culture

Tanshishan Museum is located in Tanshi Village, Ganzhe Town, Minhou County, about 21 kilometers from Fuzhou city seat. It houses a collection of important relics from ancient Tanshishan site -  the brithplace of Pre-Qin Min Ethnic Cuture.

Tanshishan Culture originates from the patrilineal clan age of primitive society in 5000 years ago or so. The ancient Tanshishan culture parallels Yangshao Culture in Henan Province and Hemudu Culture in Zhejiang Province. The cultural relics uncover the facts on the ancient culture around Taiwan Strait.

The museum, as a provincial-level base for archaeological excavation, education academic research and appreciation. The landform of Tanshi Mount is featured by riverbank hills and ridges at the foot of low mountains. Tanshishan relic was found in 1954 and has been undergone nine scientifics. Archaeologists unearthed more than 80 tombs ranging from the neolithic age to the Shang and Zhou dynasties.

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