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Drum Mountain

Drum Mountain, an important scenic area in Fuzhou, has enjoyed a long history and reputation. As early as the Jin Dynasty, it was appraised as one of "The Two Matchless Scenic Beauties in Fujian Province." Lying 8 km southeast of the city on the northern side of the Min River, the beautiful mountain with four peaks nemed Lion, White Cloud, Alms Bowl (of a Buddhis monk) offers over 160 sites of interest, centred by the Gushing Spring Temple (aka Fountain Temple). Since ancient times, men of letters and celebrities vied to visit the place, wrote poems and had their inscriptions carved on rocks, adding to the attraction of the mountain.

Fountain Temple (Yongquan Temple)
The ancient temple, built in 908 AC, is a complete group of ancient architecture. It houses plenty of precious cultural relics such as ancient buddhist scriptures, pottery tower of the Song Dynasty, three cycas trees of thousand years. Moreover, there are four large iron and bronze boilers in the kitchen of the temple. The largest one can cook (rice of 250 kg) a meal for 1000 persons one time.

Ancient Climbing Pathway
Ancient Climbing Pathway is the gateway to Fountain Temple. It is also ancient path the people use to climb up to the top of the drum mountain. Along the way, a lot of aged rock inscriptions, caves, pavilions scatters over here and there. On the pathway, seven pavilions stretch 3.5 km is very famous for tourist's walking or hiking. Through 2000 steps, it arrives at the gate of Fountain Temple.

As a famed historic and cultural deposit, the Drum Mount enjoys the superior reputation of "King of Fujian Temples".

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